Life in Lanka - Sundara Kãnda

Continued from City in Clouds - Sundara Kãnda

If Mahabharata's Bhagvad-Gita is taken as a philosophical guide, Ramayana's Sundara Kãnda is sought for spiritual solace. What is more, many believe that reading Sundara Kãnda or hearing it recited would remove all hurdles and usher in good tidings!

Canto 5 - Life in Lanka

Moon in time came overhead
Raged he bull like in cow-pen. 

Kept he darkness all at bay
Seemed to dispel sins of men.

Rays his splendid in columns
Sparkled lotus-like in prime.

In those high skies full of clouds
Seemed he like one swan encaged.

Spot his that was well visible
Appeared like a well-horned bull.

Light the king of stars as shed
Fell that on his cousin blooming
Brought that latter’s spots luster.

Like the king on diamond throne
Shone as well the moon that night.

Ambience moonlight enticed all
Mates estranged to warm embrace. 

Went as wanton to walk streets
Women married were ever eager
To mate their men they loved to core.

Men there were no less in scores
Gulped who by then pint or more. 

Some of them as tried to boast
Rest in fistcuffs took to brawls.

Tried to shake their stupor as some
Others took amorous routes to mates.

Full of smiles were women fulfilled
Heaved though heavy then unfulfilled.

Roared as skies then like trumpets  
Swore soldiers like hissing snakes.

Saw he many there sober souls
Took place debates informed then. 

Found he many an ugly folk
Were they none the less decent.

Women wondrous had virtuous mates
Matched they stars of cloudless skies.

Birds as hidden by flowering buds
Women charming lay in male arms.

Went to their men women in want
Fondlers they turned to rouse them.

Women lovelorn who rivalled moon
Lacked as they mates turned all pale.

Men all who had women to mate
Love they made to them all night.

Eye lashes of dove-eyed dames
Hid their eyes in thick black veils,
Jewels that those wore in scores
Cast a charming light on them. 

None of them though made him feel
Seetha could be one of them. 

Forlorn Seetha he knew well
Would be lost in Rama’s thought.

Saw he none of that anguish
In them Seetha would have felt. 

In her agonized mood Seetha 
Won’t she look like that crescent
Screened by thick dark clouds in skies?

Failed as he to find Seetha
Nonplussed was then Vayu’s son.

Canto 6 -  Precincts to Beat

Having recouped from despair
Roamed then Hanuman all the more.

Entered he then Admin block
Came with face-to-face palace.  

Keep at bay as lions poachers 
Looked all scary palace guards. 

Archways silver, gateways gold
Made that look like heaven on earth.

Vigil while some kept on elephants
Rode others tireless horses there.

Guards had ivory chariots there
Wheels of which were made of gold.

Facades had all well cut gems
Furniture there lay out of world. 

Deer as ran fast in their stride
Birds went helter-skelter then.   

Like a diamond in the sky
Lay there palace of Ravan.

Wore there dames all such jewels
Made which them all seem angels.

Lay shaking hands sandal trees 
And that gave it woods like look. 

Kettledrums as raised high decibels 
Conchs in chambers blared in scores. 

Ocean like spread had that fort
Paved its rooftop with rare gems.

Such was splendour of that place
Gaped it Hanuman wonder-struck.

Felt of Ravan’s place he then
As the jewel crown of worlds. 

Left he none there bush to search
Peeped he then through all windows. 

Done with dwellings of hirelings
Prahastha’s mansion then he reached.

Kumbhakarn ’n Vibhishan
Ravan’s siblings both of them
Lived in mansions magnificent. 

Went in Hanuman one by one
Quarters there of eminent men.

Entered he then abodes of
Vidyunmal ’n Vidyujjivih. 

Spared he not the places of
Sons of Ravan in his search.

Sumali’s palace he sauntered
Jambumali’s own not to spare. 

Hurried Hanuman in his search
Of Math’s as well Yuddhonmath’s.

Into Sukana’s house he went
Came he out of Vikata’s place.

Got as he in Vakra’s suite
Lost his privacy latter then.

Karala’s residence came under
Hanuman’s scanner along with
Pisaacha’s palace that was next.

In his search of Seetha thus 
Laid he bare there all nobles.

Having drawn blank with Lieutenants’
Quarters he searched then General’s. 

Hideous ogresses at the gates 
Guarded Ravan’s high fortress.

Fearful they looked head to foot
Carried weapons they weird in shape.

As though to catch foes in flight
Harnessed scores were horses there.

Battle hardened elephants then
In their hundreds he found there.  

Mountain-like they move in wars
Make they enemies run for life.  

Shiver all mighty down the spine
When they come to hear trumpets. 

In their gold shields soldiers all
Glittered then like mid-day sun. 

Found he there all palanquins gold
Galleries filled with masters’ works.

Gyms as there for body builders
Parks to peck for lovers there were.

Ravan’s place was mountain like
Peacocks there strolled on their toes.

Flags there fluttered in their scores
Lent they breeze the roaring sound.

Like hot sun of mid-summer
Dazzled Ravan in nightgown.  

Vessels of gold and ivory cots
Hanuman in scores saw them there.

Sauntered as he in aisles then
Spillover on wine he stepped. 

Women there as had lovely gait
Rustled sarees to rhythmic beat. 

Women in numbers he found there
Looked who charming dream-girl like.

Canto 7 -  Palace in the Plane

To probe Ravan’s own chambers
Ventured Hanuman further down.

Armaments stacked in piles he found 
With rare conchs that give war cries.

With flaw none in cut or shine
Vessels he found with gems to brim. 

What he saw in Ravan’s place
Made it seem like magic land.  

To his wonder he found parked
Aircar unique called Pushpak. 

Stood out for its looks Pushpak
Seemed it was like made for gods.

Lodged in it were women of charm
Live wire like they moved in aisles.

In its splendour looked Pushpak
Like the moon on earth landed.

Insignia it had hills of gold
Bore they trees of flowers diamond.

Housed it mansions furrows-long
Lawns theirs had large swimming pools.

Seemed it as if on take-off
Sight that made him rub his eyes.

Carved were birds on huge corals
Made of gems were horse statues.  

Birds therein all seemed to him
Like the allies of Love God.

Goddess Lakshmi’s deity lay
On lotus red in blue waters
With elephants white on either side.

Swayed as it him no end then
Went he in thrall round Pushpak. 

Overawed though he by Pushpak
Resumed his search soon Hanuman. 

Having failed to trace Seetha
Seized was he with thus sorrow. 

Canto 8 - Pushpak’s Prowess
End to end he searched Pushpak
Cover he could not all its ground. 

Wonder that was Pushpak called
Like the one that never conceived.

Abodes of gods ’n angels too
Add up not to Pushpak’s tail.

It had in itself to change
Needs to suit of who owns it,
Got it Ravan not for song
For he had to shed his blood. 

When in flight it acquires speed
Synch which would with pilot’s mind.

Presence of it then got Lanka
Preeminence in all three worlds.

Frescos it had men in rows
With that vigorous look on them.

Amidst vernal season then
Looked Pushpak like flower mountain.  

Canto 9 -  Harem at Night

In the midst of Pushpak lay
The Palace Royal of Ravan.

Built it was with gems all rare
Plinth it had of two score miles. 

Went in Hanuman in the hope
Therein he would find Seetha.

Having got in he sauntered 
In those royal chambers there. 

With their knives drawn to the hilt
Found he guards there door to door.

Saw he Ravan’s wives in scores
Maidens that he grabbed by force.

Found he ponds of ocean size
Lived where crocodiles with white whales.

Amidst the riches it sported
God like Ravan lived in there.

With sons ’n siblings there Ravan
Bettered thus lifestyle of all gods.

Entered harem Ravan’s Hanuman
Pushpak’s that was star attraction.

Custom built was that Pushpak
By God’s own architect for Brahma.

In the times of yore Kuber
Sought and got it from Brahma,
Wanting it to serve his needs
Grabbed it Ravan waging war.

Spoils of war as it made
Pictured bullfights on its walls. 

Stretched its ceiling to high skies
Cellars its touched depths of earth.

Pushpak’s glitter makes Lanka
Seem as daytime during nights. 

Emeralds it had for doorknobs
Windowpanes were crystal class.

Pearls it had all paved for floor
Gave that look of white carpet. 

Woodwork of its red sandals
Made the place all smell so sweet. 

Shaped so well were secret vaults
Deceive they would the best of spies.

Entered Hanuman its pantry
Feed which could a million mouths.  

Aroma of all recipes there
Reached him with a come-hither tag.

Entered he then that portion
Lived where Ravan as the god.

Stairs it had of gems inlaid
Handles of them ivory made.

Pillars it had gold ingots
Glowed they all like candlelights.  

None was taken for granted
Flawless was the way it shaped. 

With woven Atlas on them bright
Laid were carpets continent size.

Birds on heat were perched on trees
Cooed they in their scores well pecked. 

Smoke that scented sticks emitted
Got spread throughout Ravan’s land.

Kept its aura gloom at bay
It’s where Ravan set his shop.

At home Hanuman felt therein
Entered though he enemy’s place. 

Felt he was in heaven itself
Fit for gods of every faith. 

Finding no scent of Seetha
Seemed he gambler who lost all.

With his person ’n harem 
No less Ravan added then
Lustre to that bright Pushpak.

Maidens there were in thousands
Dressed they like for fashion show.

Drunk they were all to the dregs
Bent their eyelids all downward. 

Slept one by one all of them
Seemed the place as swan filled pond.

Postures theirs were well composed
Breath their smelled as flowers at dawn.

Petals like lotus their faces
Seemed in sleep all lotus buds.

Zoomed all drunken bees in scores
As would go round flowers in bloom.

Celibate as he wished they were
Flowers all real and not damsels. 

Angel like dames made Ravan’s
Harem seem like star filled sky. 

Ravan in their midst then looked
Like the blooming moon in skies.

Felt of Ravan’s lovers Hanuman 
Were like meteors made there home.

Skins theirs were like cloudless skies
Pure were demeanours of those dames.

Orgasms multiple they had all
Askance went things on them all.

In their coitus furious dots
Vermilion theirs smudged foreheads.

Passion with such they coited
Crushed were pearls of chains they wore. 

Breath of theirs as they made love
Withered all flowers of their garlands. 

Chains of jewels that they wore
Made their boobs seem sun ’n moon.

Sank as pearls in their valleys
Seemed they swans that lay in rest.

Looked like canal banks their thighs
Waists theirs seemed so tiny streams.

Smiled in slumber some sweetly
Dreamt as though of lay they had.

Embrace in theirs of Ravan
Breasts of theirs as chest his crushed
Made then imprints of their chains
Seemed that matching pairs on them.

Covered as pallus their faces
Pairs of bellows turned their breaths.  

As was standards of Ravan
Bright were hues of their sarees. 

Turned as pallus to bellows
Vibed like pendulums their ear-rings.

Smelled well as the breath of theirs
Got that better with wine they had.

Sexy co-wives of Ravan
Kissed in ardour one another.

In their craving for Ravan
Made they lesbian love in turns. 

Some of them in their slumber
Folded their hands for pillows. 

Made some thighs of their co-wives
Headrests for their wondrous heads. 

Used some leggies flat bellies
Of co-wives to spread their legs.

Entwined slept as Ravan’s dames
Seemed they strings of white roses,
Hair theirs seemed to cover them all
Bees as would all flowers in bloom.

Harem Ravan’s felt Hanuman
Creeper like grove in full spring.    

Body odours of those dames
Lent the air all with then scents.  

With such abandon slept they all
Moved their sarees up their thighs.

That Ravan was fast asleep
Gods dared eye his women in sleep.

Most of them in Ravan’s hold
Came coveting him on their own.

Beauty as theirs made him weak
Dragged he some of them to bed.

Fetched him some the hearsay true
His great valour spread world over.

Found none of them then Hanuman
Found might wanting to share throne.

Seeing them all so fulfilled
Wished he Ram ’n Seetha well.  

That the learned Ravan snared
Seetha who was chaste to Rama
Saddened Hanuman no end then.

Canto 10 - Women in Want

Hanuman on the sly entered
Chambers private of Ravan.  

Such a cot he found lay there
Made to rival Ravan’s throne. 

Meant to impart moon’s aura
Had it canopy made of wreaths.  

Cot his huge was made of gold
Seemed on it sun came to rest. 

Fanned by lovely handmaidens
Rent air perfumes rare fragrance.

Bed it had of soft sheepskin
Stuffed to brim with silk cotton. 

With red eyes for want of sleep
He-man Ravan lay there spread.  

Layers thick of sandal paste
Applied on his manly frame
Soothed those scores of love bites deep. 

Splendid jewels wore he then
Seemed they lightning in grey cloud.

In the forest of fair sex 
Slept there Ravan like a log.

Signs there were for all to see
Left he none there to make love. 

Hanuman in awe neared Ravan
But the fact that he played foul
Made him stop then in his tracks.

Such was aura of Ravan
Made the simian stare at him.

Harem in his lay Ravan
Like a trunk with thick creepers. 

Arms his long with gold epaulets 
Looked like poles for Indra’s flags.

Sported scores both combat scars 
Of his battles fought with gods.  

Like the mythical five-hood snakes
Arms his strong were well tapered. 

Of hair oils his women had used
Smelled his hands of varied scents. 

Rings he wore on his fingers
Gave a measure of his strong hands
Made which worlds all bow to him.

With the power of his own hands 
Subdue he could all three worlds.

In that king-size bed Ravan
Lay he like a king elephant. 

Such was the build of his frame
Looked he like a mountain then. 

Breaths of Ravan seemed to fill
The insides all of that Pushpak.

Thus the aisles of that Pushpak
Were then filled with flowery scent.

Diamond ear-studs of Ravan
Seemed as diadem askew then.

On his hairy chest that broad
Glistened golden chains he wore.

Loincloth he wore of white silk
Left its guard on legs his strong.

Lay as he on white bedspread
Looked he like a black diamond.

Amidst the candle light that night
Seemed he like rain-bearing cloud.

Women that slept on his huge bed
Shone like stars in clear blue skies.

Saw Hanuman all Ravan’s wives 
With their aura that paled moon.  

While some slept on arms his long
Others lay on his thighs that strong.

Had they ear-rings of cat’s eyes
Wore they armlets of large gems.

It’s their aura in Pushpak 
Made it Milky Way on earth. 

Hourglass figure women all had
Had them Ravan all of them. 

For those in queue to make it to
Ravan’s bed of hot pursuit
Thought of his was so pumping
Failed they manage to have wink.

Like a wreath that logged to boat
Lasses some hugged their veenas.

Slept a dame with drum by side
As would she have her newborn.

One with throbbing boobs so big
Hugged a drum like lover in want.

Pressed one flute in her valley
As would amorous woman manhood.

Hugged as eager a woman violin
Pressed by heaving breasts of hers
Scored it erotic notes on own. 

Looked one temptress every inch
Hugged she trumpet like a wrench.

One who drank all to the dregs
Tabor she locked in armpit.  

Demure was the one that hugged
Drum so small her breasts could hold. 

Those that could hold no longer
Made they dildos of their flutes. 

Tipsy turned a woman in sleep
Jug of lavender thus upturned. 

One of those whom Ravan had
Drained as she to dress herself
Laid her hands on her nipples. 

Amorous woman in all her want 
Locked one lissome lass like brace. 

Came to Ravan’s women handy
Instruments varied that there lay.

Saw he then the gem of all
Slept who on a separate cot. 

Charm hers was such made the rest
Seem like stars of full moon night.

Woman of golden hue there lay
None other than king Ravan’s queen

Heard as he all gods coveted
Mandodari the marvellous one
Yet felt Hanuman that peerless
Woman might as well be Seetha.

In his joy he found Seetha
Got he into simian ways.

Continued to Qualms of Celibate - Sundara Kãnda 


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