Suicide Among Indian Students? Why??

This is such an important issue facing the Indian academic system. Why' re so many youths prone to taking their lives? This really calls for serious attention and trouble shooting mechanisms to prevent recurrence of such undesirable acts in the future.

Some of the reasons that comes to my mind could be some of the following:

Parents generally have high hopes from their offsprings (nothing bad in that), but that poor chap often crumbles under the weight of expectations and develop a guilt feeling inflicting self blame on him when his grades doesn't turn out inspiring! Every middle class parent want their child to become a doctor or do an engineering, whether their ward is competent enough to be one. As a result, many students find themselves misfits in the courses that they are forced to study because of market forces and prestige associated with such disciplines of study. Popular flicks like '3 Idiots' have also harped on this fact that a student should pursue a calling from his heart.

Many youths having joined professional courses experience the first blush of love. When problems arises in such relationships, this leads to depression in the partners and often result in committing the act. Proper counseling to equip our students to deal with relationships with greater maturity and impressing upon them that nothing in the world is that important to compel them to commit hara-kiri.

In many cases, teachers have inflicted physical punishment or a harsh punishment on the pupil, and this has led to the student to take the extreme step. This is unpardonable. As a moulder of the taught, the teacher has to be versatile in dealing with students of different abilities, and accord some degree of respect even to the worst student.

Govt. have been vigilant and are dealing with this problem through a slew of effective measures in most colleges, but some incidents do come to the fore now and then.
With parents increasingly coping with the demands of a high pressure job, most children right from a tender age grows up under foster care. Even their time at home is consumed by modern amenities like TV & Internet, resulting in a drastic cut in real communication between parents and their offspring. This leads to poor emotional development and maturity in the child especially those from nuclear families.

Many students especially those pursuing Ph.D and M.Tech degrees are often exploited by supervisors leading to depression in the student who often resort to taking his/her life.

Getting an admission into coveted areas of study has become increasingly difficult with demand far outweighing existing supply. In some of the renowned institutes in the Capital, to get an admission one must have a percentage of 99-100%. Just imagine! Students are likely to get depressed when they can't make it to some good colleges even with reasonably good grades.

Pursuing a coveted course is a costly affair these days, and many students have the burden of educational loans looming large. This exacerbate the situation when the students start confronting other hurdles/difficulties in the course.

Our educational system is too rigid. Therefore, the evaluation system ought to incorporate a 'fitness for the course' index (Score) by reviewing the student's aptitude and innate skills for the professional course he/she is undergoing within the first two semesters (max). Unfit students may be cautioned to opt for other types of studies/activities in case of an unsatisfactory score.

There have been instances when students having been denied a costly gizmo or flashy bikes and cars by their parents have given vent to their anger in truly unexpected ways.

I have outlined just a handful of reasons, there are many many more I am sure, and would welcome your suggestions and viewpoint on how to stop this menace plaguing present Indian academic system.


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Comment Talk to the student. Express concern.
? Don’t be afraid to address suicide directly. Ask if they ever think about suicide.
? Listen, show interest, offer support, and take it seriously.
? Don’t be sworn to secrecy. Always consult with others and seek support.
? Help the person find assistance. Follow up with the person.
? Do not leave the person alone if the person is in imminent or immediate danger.

28-Oct-2014 11:03 AM

Comment Yes, the responsibility of parents in the proper upbringing process is maximum followed by teachers, elders and others...

Subhajit Ghosh
17-May-2012 01:17 AM

Comment i completely agree, but i think students them self are also responsible because some time they expect more from them self (nothing wrong in that) but when some time they get failed to achieve it , they feels bad and prone to take an extreme step.....

proper counseling / communication between child and parents is needed to come out from all these factors ............

best of luck to all students............

16-May-2012 14:02 PM

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