The Journey Of Life

The journey of life can never be detached from what could be called the unique mix of paradoxes and realisations. While scriptures and innumerable religious texts guide us, there is nothing to explain each creature's set of bittersweet experiences on this planet.

Civilised life mandates the framing of boundaries, rules, regulations and liberties that distinguishes the right from the wrong. Another way would be to explore the intersections between the threads embodying the right and the wrong; but one can also say the two are the sides of the same coin.

'Maya' or illusion pervades the cosmos much like atoms become one with matter. And so, it is not completely possible for an individual to rise above the false sense of self (ego), even if he/she tries wholeheartedly. Good conduct, prayer and meditation work their magic by bringing one closer to a relaxed state of being.

The concept of the victory of 'good over evil 'would never have reached the hype it frequently does if our inner voice called out to the echo of 'goodness being its own reward', every now and then.

Suffering, prosperity, war and peace happen to be best understood when viewed on a multi-coloured canvas through eyes which discern prudence from philosophy using the paint brush of robust inquiry.

For, what we must remember is that it is equally important to derive meaning from life as it is to add imaginative layers of understanding to the concept of life.

Language, technology and knowledge in various subjects for the benefit of mankind have staggeringly multiplied, but not at the cost of pleasant speech coupled with wisdom to choose the right means and decide the right end.

Doomsday predictions portend catastrophes striking the physical plane. Yet, we should comprehend why it is important to place the cause of a larger good above that of the self.

Even though destiny does influence our decision of treading the right or the wrong path, it is largely up to us how and how much we choose to live, accept, learn and commit ourselves to the Middle Path.


More by :  Bhavna Mathur

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