Delicate problem presented with Dignity

‘Satyameva Jayate’’s second episode was a tricky and sensitive problem that is not exclusive to India as such. Unlike ‘Female Foeticide’ which is exclusive to India, pedophilia is a universal concern which is more prevalent in almost all over the world without exception. The program brought out some shocking facts and figures; in India, the percentage who have been subjected to child abuse are, according to the host Aamir Khan, is 53% which directly shows that every second person in this country has been a victim of this misdemeanor. At the same time the same statistical information provides another startling fact that the pedophiles form a greater percentage among the common men. 

Three of the affected came in the open and explained their traumatic experiences. In all these cases, the criminals are not strangers but those within their group or family. That once again reiterates that perversion is all prevalent and these cannot be eradicated that easily. As the psychiatrist who had accepted that it is difficult to identify a pedophile because he does not have a demon face actually. He has to be identified by his behavior and those who prefer to ‘spend’ more time with children and very ‘sweet’ to them need careful scrutiny, he said. 

Well, all these make the problem more complicated. The suggestion given by Aamir Khan was indeed good in line with the counselor. Superficially looking at the problem, it is true that the children are cornered and after a point of time they even seem to accept and enjoy it because it is something to do with sexual gratification. 

But at the same time in the present milieu, many children are exposed to the unwanted information on sex and crime and it is also a fact that not all children are angels. Cases are being reported on regular basis about the children turning violent with the teachers and tutors and resorting to suicide for failing in exams and reprimanded by the teacher or parents. On such occasions, mischievous children have every possibility of accusing the teacher or a relative or friend of misbehavior or abuse on him or her. These have happened also. 

Finding solution and identifying the perpetrators in this case is not that easy as they come within the ambit of the family and friend circle and needless to say if one points the finger at the accused it may lead to feuds and strained relationships. Anyway, life is always a challenge and one has to face it. 

I have one question for which I wish to get an answer; is pedophilia is practiced by men only and not women in any part of the world? 

Nevertheless, let us appreciate Aamir once again for bringing a delicate subject to open discussion in a dignified manner. The unexpected appearance of Sridevi at the end added extra charm to the program. No doubt, Aamir Khan is a smart citizen. 


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