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By Losing you I Found how much I needed you is the maiden novel of Dr Rachit Bhushan, who is a young doctor from Ranchi and writes much more than his prescriptions. Being a doctor by profession and working at Ranchi Apollo Hospital, he has a craze for writing. He has already become popular before the release of this book. Having a dream of writing, he has succeeded in giving shape to his thoughts in the form of this novel.

About the novel, Rachit claims that: “not another Mills & Boon imitation; It’s a life story, not a love story, and every human can relate it in some or the other way.” He also confesses that, ‘the girl in the story was once a part of his life’, so in this way, it can be termed as subjective novel. It is the story about two strangers and travels through dangers. It is full with passion of love. Author himself says: This story has some extreme moments of love, passion, desires, fear and some drops of tears. (7)
The story starts unexpectedly when seeing a beautiful girl in his sister’s wedding the young doctor; Rachit falls in love with her but is unable to talk to her. After reaching his medical college, he continues to miss her but is unable to do handle the situation. As one day he receives a message from her on orkut, he was very delighted and overwhelmed to see it. He responded to her message and then after sometimes they develop into a very good friendly relationship which later on developed into love.

The story centres on Rachit, who claims himself to be simple, sweet, sill and stupid but very caring and responsible. And the girl he liked was a girl whom every guy would love to marry. She was extremely beautiful, innocent and had a very loving and caring nature which attracted everyone. She respected Rachit so much that she never uses to call him as ‘tum’ and always addressed him as ‘aap.’ She liked his decency, innocence, simplicity, caring and responsible nature and was also impressed by him from the day one, she saw her. She too like him was unable to express her feelings towards him in the beginning.

There love-story started from internet to phone as from orkut to yahoo messenger, then they moved to sms and finally to phones, this continued for long and they never stopped. In this age of internet, there love was so pure that for loving each other for two years they never met. Even though they had never seen each other after that wedding, yet their hearts used to beat for each other, such was the love between them. This is what makes this love-story to be extra-ordinary than others.

The personality of Rachit is quite different from other boys, as he had always thought that if ever he will falls in love, his love story will be something very different and out of this world. His love story should have such a spark that no love story ever had and he feels that it would always be the girl who would propose him and not he, like the usual trend.

The novel is about Rachit’s love, passion innocence, sincerity, simplicity and how he found his true love before losing it. He was a boy from Ranchi who took admission in CMS medical college of Nepal for fulfilling his own dream and the dream of his parents of becoming doctor. At first, being from small town, he was very shy and introvert type of boy. He generally did not like talking to girls and it took him a lot of time to open up or be friendly with someone. It was so because he was very simple and was not so confident about himself. But with the passage of time he totally changed himself according to the need of the time and became frank, social and friendly with others. He worked on his hair-style, dressing sense, way of talking, walking and became an impressive personality.

The love between Rachit and his Pari was profound as he has confessed many times in the novel. Till the time they were in relationship, she has never left him alone, be it wherever he was, she always left offliners for him after every few hour, she always kept an eye on whether he had his lunch and dinner on time. She always cared for him and supported him at every step, gave him a reason to fight the odd situations, supported him whenever he felt lonely and depressed. Whenever he felt lost and lonely, he brought him back to life with her love and care. Such was her love for him. He was a simple guy and she his lucky charm, and so there story went on. They started talking more and more, came closer with time and began to understand each other so well that nobody else did. The passion in them increased, the excitement of being in love was a very different feeling for them that everything around them seems to be beautiful and perfect.

Rachit felt that she was a perfect girl who can be his wife as she was a girl with beauty with brains, who was simple as well as caring. She was the one who understands him the most, after his family; she used to take care of smallest of things that could bother him. Whenever he was sad, she could sense it in his words, if he get excited on anything she always tried to calm him down, she was always with him in his happiness and sorrows. She was never insecure about him and the reason was her immense faith in him. But still after loving him so much, she left him, which was unexpected for Rachit. In the beginning he didn’t believe it and tried again and again to convince her but never succeeded in his attempt. He tried to contacts his friends and even brother but all in vain. He is not able to understand the reason behind her act and has many questions whose answers he wants to get from her. And the only reason, he wrote this novel for was to just to let her know how much he loved her.

It is sweet and simple yet complicated love story in which two strangers meet in a situation so strange, got separated and again destiny brought them back. He has described his love, passion and emotions for his dream girl in a very simple way. But the description of their love-affair leads to a little boredom. There are some incidents and phases of life which he has repeated again and again. The language used by the author is very simple. Throughout the novel, he has used many similies, metaphors and phrases to express his feelings or to describe the situations in which he has been placed viz, ‘I felt as if hundred coconuts fell over my head one after the other’ (22), ‘I hit the iron when it was hot’ (27), ‘his words were like bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki’ (45), ‘not less than a Herculean task’ (107), ‘I was trapped in the tornado of carrier and fame where marks and money was the ladder to success’ (165), ‘the final nail in the coffin was put’(224).

There is a common trait among many writers of Indian sub-continent that that they don’t want to shed their originality. They are unable to uproot their pen completely from the nativity of their tongues. We see many writers using native language in their works and Rachit also seems to be one of them. The use of language in Rachit Bhushan can be seen in the biolographical context, although studying from an English medium school; basically he belongs to a state where Hindi is widely spoken. So, Hindi being his mother-tongue, he is not able to come out from its influence. And this linguistic quality or using of mixed language can be seen in his writing. He has used many Hindi words and phrases in his work. The use of hindi words while referring to relatives, for instance, ‘ma’, ‘didi’, ‘jiju’, ‘nana’, ‘bhaiya’, ‘bhabhi’, ‘mama’, ‘mami’, ‘bhanja’, ‘janab’, ‘Sasuma’, or in other terms like, ‘karva-chauth’, ‘shadi’, ‘chidiya’, ‘bulbul’, ‘bachha’, ‘sunder’, ‘tabiyat’, ‘di’, ‘ladka’, ‘ladki’, ‘ghar’ gives a unique quality to his writing and are very commonly used in his novel. Many times, in the novel, he has used hindi lines like- “Kya yaar ek baar baat to kar hi sakti thi?” (12), “Arre! Vo log nikal rahe hai. (17), “Lagta hai bhagwan bhi ro padta hai tere jane pe.” (18), “Kya hai? Kya tu apna dimag laga raha hai, chup chap pada reh.” (45)

This is experimentation making the reading of his novel easy and readable for the common people who are not so versed with literary words and language. The sentences like, “Tumhe aaj bhi late hona hai? How careless are you, Rachit? (9), “Kya life hai yaar. Aaj tak zindagi ne mujhe diya hi kya hai, every time just problems and difficulties. (45) And at other instance-“Aaj ke baad se ye sochna bhi nahi that you’ll run short of LIFE… NEVER, because I NEED U FOREVER and FOREVER IN MY LIFE” (53) The above lines also shows the intensity of her love for him. Then there are many other examples of such kinds of sentences where he has mingled English and Hindi words like-“Teri didi ki shadi ke liye humne ek ladka dekha hai and we want to finalize it, so march me ghar aajana” (121) “Tumhara koi boyfriend nahi hai, this is quite unbelievable” (124) “Bacche hain sudhar jayenge, but she did not know bacche to hai nahi, but hum akal ke kacche hain” (132) mingle hindi words perfectly with English. This is what called by Salman Rushdie, “chutneyfication theory”.

But my advice to the author is to use more English diction and language. There are instances in the novel which reflect that the author has been very much inspired and influenced by Bollywood movies as he has used some lines like, ‘Band Baja and Baraat’ (10) ‘picture abhi aur bhi baki thi mere dost.’ (70) ‘Jahan pyar hota hai waha kabhi kabhi takraar bhi hota hai. (99) ‘Kya karein kya na karein ye kaisi mushkil haye?” (168)

By reading the novel, it is quite obvious that it the story of the author himself and whatever be the motive behind doing so, but for one thing he is praiseworthy and that in all the 226 pages he has never mentioned the name of the girl and keeps on referring her as my girl, Pari. This shows his sincerity, simplicity and honesty in his feeling towards the girl. It is a common man story which was made uncommon by the author. M. S. Dhoni, the captain of Indian Cricket team has recommended the novel by saying: “Your novel is a reflection of common man’s story and I feel happy to recommend it to the youth of tomorrow.’ 

"By Losing you I Found how much I needed you" by Dr. Rachit Bhushan
Parlance Publishers Jaipur, India ISBN: 9788192480923 Year of Release: 2012


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Comment Its a true story and Rachit is man of his words, two years back he told he would write the book and today i can see where he is, well done rachit, your Pari would be happy.

20-Jan-2013 04:07 AM

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