Top Secret Medicine

The Volvo bus was cruising on Hyderabad-Vijayawada Highway. In the bus an old man was sitting to my right. He was coughing in fits and starts. I dozed off as I was too tired after a flight from Chennai to Hyderabad.

He tapped on my shoulder. Grumpily I woke up. With a long face he asked, if I had any medicine for his cough. In fact, he watched me taking some medicine when I boarded the bus. Politely I replied that I had none of that stuff left. From his face I got the impression that he did not take my ‘no’ seriously. After a couple of fits, he tapped me again, this time on my thigh. He asked, “Sir, will you be kind enough to give that medicine, and I am sure God will give you a good turn in life?” I was nonplussed. On second thought I gave him what he wanted to get rid of his nagging. I had to resume my nap. 
Lo, what a miracle! His cough stopped. Soon his stop came. He rose to exit, beaming all over his face. Before getting down, he paused at the exit to shout something at me. The whole bus woke up. 
That was a loud yet modest appeal, ‘Sir, what is that medicine you gave me?’ 
Perhaps he wanted to memorize its name and would buy it the first thing he came across a pharmacy. I shouted back, “I was having just one of those and did not remember the name really”. Looking disappointed, he alighted. 
Later a young passenger sitting to my left asked me, ‘Sir, can you recollect the name by any chance now…? This is in case I got such coughing fits like the old man just went through’. I did not answer him readily. Sooner my stop too came by. Before getting down I showed the eager young man the place on my shirt where there used to be a button. 
Moral: Some ailments/ symptoms are just imaginary, and medicine is just a belief, trust and good old faith.
Care: Not to repeat this trick in real life. This is intended for fun.


More by :  Seshu Chamarty

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Comment I like this.Creativity at its best.The best example I can quote for the Place bo effect.

Expecting more and more creative and spontaneous humor from you.

Best regards,

T S R K Rao

T S R K Rao
03-Oct-2012 11:34 AM

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