Leader from Behind

Who is a true leader? A flamboyant, impractical motivator or a confident guide of worth imbued with courage, knowledge and humility, leading the follower to the steps as well as to the pinnacle that towers over the steps.
A thought, an action, experiences from lives lived in the past and the present turn out as classical elements that contribute to the making of leaders. Devotional music, ballads, folk songs and hymns as witnesses to evolving civilisations are mirrors which narrate the strength of persuasive leaders.
There are detailed reflections on devotees opening up to the wisdom bestowed by his/her teacher (Guru) and of ordinary mortals guiding those superior to them by virtue of class or fortune towards varied expressions of life. Leadership entails flexibility in thought and actions, foresight, decision making skills, empathy and the ability to make a difference in the way people progress. A leader remains a bundle of positivity working from behind, while others do the job.
According to Lao Tzu, ‘To lead the people, walk behind them.’ These words indicate how a Leader can lead from the background and become successful.
Many a times, anger and ego take the better of the best of leaders. But such behaviour needs to be checked because even though anger and ego have their intrinsic strengths, it is pro-active, positive actions coupled with well-planned out strategies that help us to engage with life.
A discerning follower can easily distinguish between a real leader and a superficial one. A true leader assesses the needs of his pupils, holds their hands and works towards helping them reach their destination, by taking the smoother route strewn with challenges.
Adversity too represents tough situations where we get a chance to tune in to new tunes of hope to tide over suffering and rise above the lost horizons of responsibilities, goals and happiness.



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