End of the World Prophecy

- December 21, 2012 Part III

Thanks for coming this far in the research.  You will not be disappointed with today’s discovery.
In Part I above, the research covered the Mayan Calendar end date, together with the Hopi prophecies and dreams in relation to the interpretation to beginning of a New World on December 21st, 2012.  In Part II an attempt was made to find out who Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent of the Maya was in relation to Indigenous American mythology of the returning White Robed Prophet from over the eastern sea.
Part III - this article - will develop the research into the designing of the city of Teotihuacan of ancient Mexico.  These designs will reveal the land of origin of Quetzalcoatl in a verifiable manner. 
The city of Teotihuacan consists of the Avenue of the Dead running north from the Pyramid of the Moon to the south past the pyramid of the Sun on the left (eastward) all the way to the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, also on the left.  This avenue used to be a river cascading down steps all along its path.  The steps were designed with specific dimensions with each of the ten sections having their own unique length and width measurements.  In his efforts to measure these sections and the three temple pyramids, Hugh Harleston found the Mesoamerican measuring unit, he coined the Hunab.  Harleston found the Hunab as the Standard Teotihuacan Unit at 1.0594 meters.  His research also found this unit in use in ancient Peru, Stonehenge and Egypt.  In fact, the measurement is equal to two Egyptian Cubits. The following diagram contains some of these Hunab measures:

Figure 1: Measurements of the Mesoamerican City of Teotihuacan

Also labeled above are the dimensions of the Pyramid of the Moon, the Sun Pyramid and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl.  Some measurements that Harleston found repeated throughout the complex are also listed. 
Harleston believed that one of the reasons for a city with these specific designs was to illustrate various celestial distances, such as, the distance between planets.  It is a possibility, since the primary temples are built for the Sun, Moon and Venus (Quetzalcoatl, as Morning Star).  This research has added another possibility.  What if the numbers themselves represent symbols or concepts that point toward a mythological story? 
In Part II of the End Time Prophecy, the research considered that Quetzalcoatl may have been a foreigner from across the eastern sea and that he may have traveled with ancient Mediterranean sea traders.  If so, (and this was just a hunch) influence on the design of this city may have come from anywhere in the world, even from the ancient indigenous tribes of Israel.  Though this is a stretch in the research, an investigation into the use of Gematria or word-number associations from Hebrew Kabbalah has been made.

These initial surprising results (found on December 20, 2012) are listed below:

Figure 2: Measure 207

Aur is also the birthplace of Abraham.  Aur or Ur as a location meant the City of the Light or City of Enlightenment.  It was there Abraham was given understanding of his call from God to leave his own security and land to seek out and find the Promise Land.

Figure 3: Measure 72

The use of two possible Hebrew words found from Gematria (number correlation) is logical so long as the words expound each other and not merely make up different meanings.  For instance, The Ein Sof tree begins with three roots.  The first is Ein, meaning Nothing.  The second root is Ein Sof, meaning Without End.  The third root of the Ein Sof tree is Aur Ein Sof, meaing Endless Light.  Therefore, the 207 of Aur complements or expounds upon the 207 of Ein Sof.  Similarly, Chesed as the second principal or Sefirot of the Ein Sof World-Tree is represented by 72, which corresponds with 207 due to the location of the measurements and the meaning of the word associations.  That is, 207 is a length of the flooded avenue exactly where 72 is the width.  And Chesed is the primary virtue or fruit applied to the Ein Sof tree.  As well, when 72 produces Ab, meaning cloud, the Hebrew Scripture associated with cloud in 1 Kings 18:44, the cloud rises out of the sea like man’s hand and relates directly to the numbering of the Right Arm of the Heavenly Man.  The cloud produced the rains forecast by the prophet Elijah who overcame the 450 prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel.  Interestingly, 450 minus 72 equals 378, the Length of the complex of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl which runs along the length of the 72 Hunab wide river of the Avenue of the Dead.
The measurements of this city consistently defines Hebrew Qabalah and the Ein Sof Tree of Life.  Consider the numbers 48 x 324, measured immediately beside (north) those listed above.

Figure 4: Measure 48 and 324

To clarify, the four measurements above (207, 72, 24 and 324) can be found on the above diagram in the southern section of the Avenue of the dead, where the river used to run.  It consists of the section of the river beside (or west of) the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. 
Look at the foundational measurements of the Temple of the Sun (216x216) and the Temple of the Moon (162x132) listed below:

Figure 5a-c: Measures 216, 162 and 132



The teachings of these Hebrew sages coincide with the mythology of Teotihuacan.  That is, where the Temple of Quetzalcoatl is associated with his divine sacrifice, the Qabalah virtue of Loving Kindness (Chesed) can be measures.  Where the Temple of the Sun is located to celebrate the rising again of the divine being, the Qabalah virtue of strength or victory (Geburah) can be measured.  In the identification of the width of the Temple of the Moon (132) as being associated with Qabalah itself, obvious designs are beginning to unfold.  From the onset, the numbers match with practical teachings of Hebrew Qabalah.  Either Hugh Harleston made his measurements up to match Hebrew Qabalah, or someone else did 2000 years ago in participating in the design of this Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan.
Notice also the length and width of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl (378x378) added together as 756 produces the word Sephiroth itself:

Figure 6: Measure 756

On December 21, 2012, I humbly offer you this sign of the times.  Christmas and New Years is always a time to celebrate.  Right now, I am honored to also share this one day in 26000 years as a particular Jubilee festival to end our 4th World with repentance, purification and forgiveness and to enter the New Fifth World with hope, jubilation, courage, harmony and restoration.
Much work must be done to share nearly a decade of research that led to this remarkable find.  Part of that work will be to remove the Mask of the Elder Brother, the Kachina with the Saphire (Sephiroth) Blue Stone, whom the Hopi prophets foretold.  He is the one spoken of by every culture and religion that has ever read the stars, interpreted dreams or watched their prophets dancing in the plaza and shouting from the mountain top the way to become new individually and as a world community.
There are dozens of measurements that match up in this way to share in the future.  Perhaps others will verify this work finding and using the Gematria of Teotihuacan in their own research.  It seems almost miraculous all these Mayan numbers matching Hebrew philosophy.  Perhaps it is.  But there is a definite human intellect at work in the design, if mere humans are able to rediscover the work.  A study of who those humans were is in order for perhaps a Part IV of this research.  How did they interact with other sages from other Indigenous tribes like their own from all over the world?  Perhaps the greatest miracle of all is the fact that the mark these sages left at Teotihuacan was agreed upon by the Mayan people who went about the task of building this city without walls by their own free will.  Therefore, it may be useful to study a world community of sages toward common values, common experiences, a common humanity toward a common good.  This study can benefit from an understanding of comparative mythology world-wide and Indigenous world-view from those cultures not overrun by insatiable materialist economies. 
Happy Jubilee December 21, 2012.  May the Heavenly Person continue to grow in your life as you share in the fruit of the World-Tree of Life toward divine, human and ecological harmony.


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