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Anonymousfor JoshuaMessiah because the Lord of Creation is speaking to us all through the writings of our ancestors (from the Indus Valley, Rapa Nui and Indigenous cultures around the globe). In light of the Shift Movement toward the Fifth World of Hopi and Mayan world-view, it is time to allow the Lord of Creation to begin the process of redeeming us all from exploiting the environment so that we can return harmony and devotion to Mother Earth.

All these posts are intended to give Indigenous wisdom a voice.
Eventual articles will include - support for the research of deciphering the Easter Island tablets, the Indus Valley Script, the Mirror of Yata writing and how global Indigenous mythology and wisdom can assist the modern world in restoring devotion to Mother Earth. Jesus loves all people and gives us all a sit in the circle of this planet. Listening to the Creator involves listening to creation. 

 Mother Earth is so gentle to humanity, to allow us to come to the point of anialating over 50000 species per year on the planet as if they were offerings in our place warning us to turn from the exploitation of earth.  We live in a new era, beyond the crossroads, where all authority under the sun is returning back to the meek Indigineous who are inheriting the earth.  Please join the fight in Finding Turtle Island; please take the pledge of the Rainbow Warriors; please consider this research at face value....
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