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Anonymousfor Prajapati because the Lord of Creation is speaking to us all through the writings of our ancestors (from the Indus Valley, Rapa Nui and Indigenous cultures around the globe). In light of the Shift Movement toward the Fifth World of Hopi and Mayan world-view, it is time to allow the Lord of Creation to begin the process of redeeming us all from exploiting the environment so that we can return harmony and devotion to Mother Earth.

All these posts are intended to give Indigenous wisdom a voice.
Eventual articles will include - support for the research of deciphering the Easter Island tablets, the Indus Valley Script, the Mirror of Yata writing and how global Indigenous mythology and wisdom can assist the modern world in restoring devotion to Mother Earth.

The Author is attempting to remain anonymous due to malicious activity of (a) certain Police State(s).  I know that my Redeemer lives who released me from the sins I have committed and even offered me an active redemption when I saved another mans life, founding a First Nations Art Contest teaching youth peace from an Indigenous perspective and producing this research.  But the Police State is attempting to set an example of me just the same in the malicious manners exposed by the courageous American named Edward Snowden (and others in exile).  An example of this malicious activity might be slander about the author, false witness about his activities and history and even harassment of those trying to read this research.  It has been noted that one person logging into this research was contacted by phone by someone pretending to be the author and yelling at the reader of this research pretending they were stealing it.  This is a violation of right to privacy for the author and all potential readers.  Any information in this regard should be reported to the United Nations Human Rights Department.  It should also be noted that over 600 dignitaries and celebrities and close to 10000 others interested in restoring harmony to our environment were inspired by this research on a common internet blog.  In particular the fulfillment of the Seventh Fire Prophecy in Finding Turtle Island and the decipherment of the Easter Island Tablets together with verifiable research into the meaning of the Hopi Tablets Prophecy, and inter-religious dialogue inspired by the decipherment of the Mirror of Yata and other ancient artifacts.  These readings include a pledge to inspire the movement of the Rainbow Warriors in our desire to bring harmony back between humanity and Mother Earth.  All this important and even necessary work hangs in the balance as the Police State continue to harrass and maliciously influence not only this author struggling with a family and Major Clinical Depression, but also anyone who have been so inspired by this research.  And inspired they were to friend the author on Facebook, a certain President,  his wife, a certain Queen, her son and grandsons, the founder of a certain blog and over 200 other dignitaries and celebrities interested in the inspirational Ojibway Prophecy regarding Finding Turtle Island as explored in this research.  Yet this redemptive outcome upon the author through his resarch in Finding Turtle Island was too much for the Police State and they slandered him by all technological means to all involved including his own family, friends, university, associates in this research and potential employers without any means to defend himself.  A tip of the iceburg example of the work of the Police State to malign the reputation of the author via internet was to hack into his email account and send messages to celebrities using their genuine email addresses pretending to be the author and harrassing them.  The trickle down effect and visa versa to local authority heighten this harrassment to the point trigering depression symptoms, including severe panic, phobia and paranoia, as well as insomnia and impending doom to the near loss of his human will.  This malicious campaign falls beyond the words of Gregory York of 'The Dispossessed': "(the colonial) justice system is founded on ... adversarial justice, which concentrates on placing blame and assessing guilt. Each case is resolved by a form of retribution or revenge .... which is completely foreign to the native tradition of justice.  (In native traditions) offenses were resolved by a form of conciliation between the victim and the offender, aimed at restoring peace and harmony in the community." (P.155).  Given the grave offenses our Western governments, industry and people as a whole have committed against the environment, it would be in our best interest to adopt this superior sense of justice toward harmony, lest our avoidance of guilt cause a delay toward sustainability and the resulting severe consequences our children and grandchildren will inherit in global warming.  Mother Earth is so gentle to humanity, to allow us to come to the point of anialating over 50000 species per year on the planet as if they were offerings in our place warning us to turn from the exploitation of earth.  We live in a new era, beyond the crossroads, where all authority under the sun is returning back to the meek Indigineous who are inheriting the earth.  Please join the fight in Finding Turtle Island; please take the pledge of the Rainbow Warriors; please consider this research at face value....
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