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The Death of the American Spring
by Anonymousfor JoshuaMessiah Bookmark and Share

Remember the Arab Spring? It all started in Tahrir Square, Tunisia, from December 2010 and lead to a new government. But Tunisia was not the only country affected. From this well spring came a river of protests against certain dictatorships in the countries of North Africa and the Middle-East. The rallying cry of the public became: The people want to bring down the regime.

A collage for MENA protests. Clockwise from top left: 2011 Egyptian revolution, Tunisian revolution, 2011 Yemeni uprising, 2011 Bahraini uprising, 2011 Libyan civil war, 2011 Syrian uprising; Date of upload: Jan. 2014. This file has been extracted from another image: File:Infobox collage for MENA protests. PNG.; Permission: CC-BY-SA-3.0. Extracted from Wikipedia Commons, January 14, 2014.

The effects of the Arab Spring can be observed in the following map:

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Thanks to the author: Tabrisius, Arab Spring map updated 2013. Extracted from Wikipedia Commons, January 14, 2014.

Interestingly, the Arab Spring has been compared to the 1989 revolution which saw the fall of the Iron Curtain of the former Soviet Union and the taking down of the Berlin wall.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Lear 21 at en.wikipedia.

The fall of the Iron Curtain marked the end of the Cold War Era between the Western allied nations and the former Soviet Union. In 1990, weeks after the massive rallies ended Communist rule in Eastern European nations, Mikhail Gorbachev toured the United States to solidify peace between Russia and America. During his final lectures in Stanford and San Francisco, Gorbachev announced an end to the Cold War with cheers from the American audiences.

The Cold War is now behind us. Let us not wrangle over who won it….For a new type of progress to become reality, everyone must change.

Content originally appeared in Stanford Business magazine in September 1990.

Gorbachev then added that tolerance would be the alpha and omega of this change. And the New York Times recorded this Gorbachev quote:

... alliances of the future should be designed to foster an international unity that would ''protect the environment, combat hunger, diseases, drug addiction and ignorance.

By R. W. APPLE Jr., Special to the New York Times, Published: June 5, 1990

Not only was the Arab Spring compared to the end of the Cold War, but it was also credited with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Three Young Women pepper sprayed at Occupy Wall Street; extracted from Blog Spot - Peoples Movement Assembly.

This pepper spraying of Innocence only rallied those who were neutral bystanders to join the essential cause.

Occupy Wall Street began September 17, 2011, in a protest on Wall Street, New York City over the greed and corruption of the corporate sector in America. The protest began with the slogan America needs its own Tahrir, giving credit to and hoping to draw vitality from the Arab Spring movement. As well, there came the rallying cry We are the 99% in response to the 2010 statistics that revealed only 1% of the American population controls over 23% of its wealth. This shocking disparity of income was reported only once before in American history, that is, just prior to the crash of the American Stock Market that precipitated the Great Depression.

Could Occupy Wall Street be the beginning of the American Spring? If so, why does the American Spring appear to have died out?

For a positive revolution to succeed it takes years, decades or sometimes even Centuries for socio-cultural attributes of the civilization to develop. The Hippy movement was very much an early sign of this very same revolution shared by Occupy Wall Street. It even appears that the Hippy movement was foretold by the Hopi First Nation tribe in America in their 8th Prophetic Sign before the rebirth of the world.

If the American Spring is indeed occurring, what better way to define it than by Indigenous philosophy and world-view. Clearly we cannot maintain the general philosophy sprung by the Industrial Revolution, which states that the economy can grow exponentially fueled by the exploitation of limitless natural resources. Due to the outcome of global warming, this 100 year old philosophy of exploitation needs an immediate make-over. It is too late to start from scratch. We need a philosophy that already exists, tried and true. What about the Indigenous People and their World-view of the Environment? Indigenous elders have been saying for 500 hundred years that human beings develop vibrant civilizations in as much as we learn to identify with our local ecosystems. Currently, our human experience opposes the environment by developing artificial systems of habitation for our species to the detriment of all others apart from cockroaches.

Al Gore, in An Inconvenient Truth, related that we have the technology to restore the damage we have done to the earth, but lack the motivation. How can we turn the tide of our motivation to realign human identity with the planet? To accomplish this there is a Big Secret. The Industrialized world has become so functional that this Big Secret is scarcely a part of our vocabulary. The Big Secret is not really a secret, Indigenous people have been willing to share it for the past 500 years or so. But greed and exploitation have caused most of us not to listen to, to scorn and even apply collectively the atrocities of genocide against our First Nations People. So now, we are so used to our artificial functional ways of life that this Indigenous key to harmony with the earth has become a Big Secret.

And here is the Big Secret? Do you truly want to know? It will not change your life without changing your perspective. Really there is a Secret that has been recorded in First Nations’ Prophecy, it has been tested and proven true by many elders. The Big Secret has been recorded in Oral and Written Histories.

Well why is it not the Moto of a movement like the Occupy Wall Street? Perhaps because it has already been presented to the people and just when it was catching the kindling of the American Spring it was snuffed out. Yes, the Big Secret was let out of the bag of those things unknown to our artificial world-view. In fact, the Big Secret was shared on Social-Media, much like at the initial stages of the Arab Spring. Yet, the leaders of the Arab Spring found the dictatorship’s influence too strong for Social-Media. The rally posters read, “Don’t use Facebook or Twitter.”

Those who shared the Big Secret will understand why. Edward Snowden told us why, and he is an American hero for doing so. What a friend to the human spirit, that he would give up home, family, friends and risk it all to expose a failure in our artificial world. It was Edward Snowden who first saw the Big Secret smoldering and drawing up smoke on Social Media. About 10000 Internet users saw the Big Secret catch its first flame. There were hundreds of celebrities and dignitaries that immediately embraced it, because their gut instinct told them it was the motivational switch that would very well complete the American Spring. In fact, the President, his wife, the Queen and all her immediate family, were invited and responded affirmatively to this spectacular Secret.

It was like a dream really. We were all reading and rereading this Big Secret while the hair stood on the back of our necks. The affirmative responses from dignitaries only confirmed our inner convictions. A great circle of hearts and minds were forming… but then the malice exposed by Edward Snowden took full effect.

The tiny researcher and messenger of the Big Secret was researched by the secret services of the artificial world. They began a study of his history, they embraced all false history as if it were fact, they churned up any old wounds and opened the scars and memories to facilitate their campaign. They contacted foreign nations in order to prevent this tiny person’s research from being tested and peer-reviewed. The Big Secret message was censored by the secret services and their affiliates to every publisher, nay every reader who attempts to be motivated to restore the earth.

This tiny one has Clinical Depression and so is generally unable to gather himself any sort out a defense and he has no strength to gather support, apart from panic and nightmares who are his constant companions. But he does write and research and share to all who will listen until they are coached into a comedy of slander again and again.

In fact, the secret service tried to take his life away for daring to inspire these dignitaries. The secret service and their associates could not murder tiny, so they assassinate his character in the most malicious fashion.

Enough! Forgive them. This Big Secret is merely one word – Dream!

An African Elder once stated that there are big dreams and little dreams, little dreams we keep to ourselves, but big dreams are meant to share with everyone.

Like Martin Luther King, we all have a dream, but do we dare to share it? This is a clue to the Big Dream and Secret that will complete the American Spring, but be careful, if you follow the clue and find the Big Secret it will require a change of perspective and much resistance.

The Ojibwa 7th Fire Prophecy reads, “Look for an island shaped like a turtle that will be an instrument in the purification of the Earth…. And a child shall lead them in Finding Turtle Island.”


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