The Hundred Syllable Mantra

Anonymous for Prajapati is a Christian blogging here to express deep regret for the exploitation of the environment the Christian West has undertook over the past 500 years of colonialism, capitalism and materialism.  Our errors have spread to all the earth and now we are forced to face the consequences through global warming.  Please accept my humble research to give indigenous wisdom a voice.  I am anonymous and request no funds and I render this research to the public trust, so long as you source who I source.  Prajapati is the Hindu name for the Lord of Creation.  Is this not the Lord of all nations, peoples and religions?  Then I invoke Prajapati in the Hundred Syllable Mantra - a prayer offered by the Hindu to people of every spiritual background:

Om Vajrasattva! Preserve the bond!
As Vajrasattva stand before me.
Be firm for me.
Be greatly pleased for me.
Deeply nourish me.
Love me passionately.
Grant me siddhi in all things,
And in all actions make my mind most excellent. hum!
ha ha ha ha ho!
Blessed One! Vajra of all the Tathagatas! Do not abandon me.
Be the Vajra-bearer, Being of the Great Bond!
om hum pham

I believe 'the bond' may refer here to the single vow of the Brahman written in the Upanishads as "To breathe out and to breathe in."  As a Christian living in the culture that continues to benefit from colonial exploitation, I am asked by Prajapati, "Have you taken the vow?  Are you as a Christian aware that you breathe the same air as the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Muslim, the East, the South, Africa...?" 

I, Anonymousfor Prajapati, vow to take the bond, the pledge of uniting my prayers, my life and research with those Indigenous to Mother Earth (all people).  

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Comment Is it true? That the last words of the Buddha to his disciples when they requested the sum of his teachings the Buddha replied, "I breathe in and I breathe out."

02-Nov-2012 14:11 PM

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