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Trojan Horse of Iron


You were once our Black Beauty shining in the sun
But have entered the human city covered in oil hardened upon you
Making you fixed in your way, nodding your head to your master called Greed
I have tried to approach you but the Police State stands your guard
So I listen from a great distance to your voice neighing day and night

It speaks of a promise to satisfy me for today
But knows nothing of tomorrow as if hypnotized by repetition
And I am the first murdered by your war lords
And I have nothing to fear from this Underworld 
I swim around the Ship of Hades endlessly tossing him the knives in my back
On his ship I see the seats of all who stab me and I pray for their souls and forgive them 

They will fear this place since they war for Troy so eagerly
Yet Troy has nothing to offer them but an Horse of Iron
And I can see it is Midnight for that city I once desired covered in oil
There is no one living not intoxicated by its fumes
And down the Iron Horse come the Red Ants the Hopi fortold
Such a surprise to the living they burn in rage for their Mother Earth setting the oil ablaze

My ghost is risen standing in the inferno and walking amidst the flames of Troy
I see the dying whom I so dearly love in their struggle let go of this Old City
But I also see the dead whom I know so well, planting the seeds
Of the New World yet to be discovered
Yet for its soft sounds and voices heard over the screaching neigh of the Trojan Horse of Iron
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