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Facebook Folly


Once was heard a great man speaking to America, "I have a dream...."
His amazing vision still distant from Her shores 
Becoming realized in the Arab Spring
Once was heard a President speaking of 'Daring Greatly'
Never more necessary to restore harmony to all our ecosystems
But there is a flag falling for lack of a lively breath
Would one face a President as an Internet friend
If only to offer an inspirational First Nation's find?
Cut to smithereens by a Facebook Folly
Governed by a system of fear, hired Facebook fake Ids 50,000 strong
Have you ever unfriended an Obama; 
Just to have the monitor deny your request?
Truly you've inspired this one by
the Seventh Fire Prophecy of your Ojibwa ancestor
Truly the call of the Rainbow Warrior reached his hearth
But you have been shattered to smithereens
You, defiant, you, you, fuqq with a vision?  

Who needs you? The world will do without such a dreamer
Prepare to be slaughtered by the slander 
By the systems that govern the mud-covered Facebook Folly
Awaiting yet, an American Spring
After the brutal winter of a heavy Snowden
Covering your White House with the most courageous of your nations in exile.

Who else will you assassinate before you open up to a land of dreams
Of harmony, and of a jubilee of civilization whose migration leads them to
Finding Turtle Island?  
Image © Anonymousfor Prajapati


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