Kill Terror with Awakening

Terror has entered into our lives in curiously obvious ways. The fear of terror is intangibly more acute than probably the fear of losing life itself. Conflict, Discontent, Hatred and Violence are but the lurid manifestations of persisting terror more a festering wound. In an age when the line between fantasy and reality is fast blurring, it’s time we sat up and responded. As a collective, we need to strip away the daily lived veneer of despair to expel smokes of jealousies from the distracted silences of our psyche.
Let us revisit the distinct contrast between good and bad, right and wrong only to illuminate our expectations by lighting our lives with flames of peace, harmony and goodwill.
Terror cannot be eliminated with terror, but by invoking our internal and external worlds with contemplative awakening. For why is it that simple acts of kindness today are often viewed with scepticism and rarely applauded? The general halo of doubt would surely drift when gradually pushed by wafts of wisdom and the breeze of knowledge. 

“Who sees all beings in his own self,
and his own self in all beings,
loses all fear.”                                  - Isa Upanishad

But what is pertinent is also the coupling of pragmatism with high ideals so that our dreams aren’t just wishful thinking but rather goals that take us towards progress. Even a situation of tension can be turned into an opportunity for the future. It is an individual’s discretion that would come to the forefront here.
Awareness of the meaning of life and an understanding of our purpose in relation with that of every other being spanning the vast biodiversity is imperative, as is the necessity of taking interests of our people along with that of ours. We can then move towards leading happy, meaningful and hope-filled lives.



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