Confounding BJP Political Shambles

That the BJP is in political shambles and hell bent on repeating its 2009 mistakes was reflected in my last Column. Confounding BJP political shambles presently are the conflicting statements starting from the apex level with its patriarch L K Advani and those of his acolytes engaged in sabotaging the popular appeal of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi being designated as BJP Prime Minister for 2014 General Elections.

Unmindful of not discussing sensitive political issues publicly but in party forums, Advani at a recent public function in Gwalior has been reported in the media that BJP Madhya Pradesh BJP Chief Minister was a humble man more in the mould of Atal Behari Vajpayee and with a better development record than Modi as Shivraj Singh Chauhan had to bring up his State from scratch. Modi has not doubted that record so where was the need for Advani to make such an assertion? Unless it was a motivated attack on Modi
Advani also needs to be reminded that India does not want a “humble Prime Minister”. India has had enough of them.
India needs a strong, dynamic and assertive Prime Minister who can pull India out of the political, corruption and strategic morass in which India has been sucked into in the last nine years. Modi in the estimation of India-at large and BJP cadres amply fulfils those aspirations of India.

Would someone advise Advani that he is swimming against the tide and reconcile himself to the inevitable? If not then the BJP is doomed

That Advani had to publicly come out with such an uncalled for assertion only proves that Advani has stepped down from his patriarchal pedestal and now indulging in inside-politicking of the BJP. Advani would be well advised to stick to his role of a ‘mentor’ for the BJP as the senior-most BJP leader.

It is sad and painful to watch India’s tallest political Opposition Party recklessly being bent on a self-destruct mode, all because of clash of egos in the Party’s hierarchy.

The Indian media is already projecting that the BJP is in the throes of a Cold War in the Party’s upper-rungs. Advani’s statements and those of his acolytes betray the intentions that Advani has still not given up his Prime Ministerial ambitions and rather saying it directly, proxies are being used and innuendos resorted to imply that Modi is not adequately equipped to become the BJP Prime Minister of India in 2014.

In conclusion it can be fairly stated that the BJP projecting Modi as BJP’S aspirant for the Prime Minister’s stands a better chance of propelling BJP into power in New Delhi than projecting Advani or Shivraj Singh Chauhan as the next Prime Minister.

Political unity within the BJP is a pressing imperative at the highest levels in the BJP. Confounding the political shambles within the BJP as Advani has done recently is playing into the hands of the Congress Party making a bid for a third term in power in New Delhi.

Wake up BJP, for heaven’s sake wake up!!!


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment BJP has not learnt the lesson. 'Divided you fall, united you win'
BJP should and must give up all the differences within its ranks if it want to
lead India. It should search who can lead it to Delhi. Arun Jetaly? Adavani?
Rajnath Sinh? Narendra Modi? or any unknown leader? Work on now, work together and win the RACE.

pranlal sheth
04-Jun-2013 21:46 PM

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