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Comparing to a writer, a poet has a greater responsibility. The poet needs to express himself more succinctly than a normal essayist. Of course, new age poetry doesn’t demand strict rules and rhymes or rhythms. They try to convey the feelings more bluntly with a few words than go in for long winding prose. Abstract? Yes, they many times sound abstract, but not exactly if you read the poetry a few more times. One can read the mind and emotion of the poet in no uncertain terms.

Rajender Krishan, who has been providing a free platform through for many writing aspirants, has an excellent poet and philosopher in him. His writings have been compiled nicely and quite (modern) artistically through the book ‘Solitude and other poems’. Being an Indian and Hindu, Rajender in many places touches on the basic Indian philosophy’s motifs in Sanskrit with meaning given for the benefit of the readers.

What impressed me about the contents of this book is the author’s profound knowledge and his concern for the society and his empathy. With these qualities he touches many subjects from high philosophy to mundane life.

It is something rare because many of the poets once they assume the status of writing a poem will look down on lesser mortals. Rajender wants his writings to reach every reader who goes through the book. So one cannot say he opts for abstract presentation of his ideas many times. He puts them with a delicate touch here or a powerful push there to communicate with his reader personally.
Starting from the ‘Core of the Onion’ to the last ‘Babble Gabble’, Rajender provides a fantastic lyrical ride for the reader in his own style. Just look at his usage of words to express his views. He writes ‘Solitude’ as a ‘incredible marvel of pristine amusement’, ‘Breath’ enjoys ‘total sovereignty without restrictions’, ‘build the right composure / speak harmoniously / remain peaceful’ in ‘Speech’, in ‘Hunger’ he laments ‘Satiety is, but a theorized sojourn’, and proclaims it as ‘the commander of all desires’. ‘Crossroads’ advises one on making a judgment while in ‘Words’ he declares ‘Conform, talk not’. An environmentalist speaks through ‘A Hindu Obligation’ and ‘Changing Face of Man’. One finds a romantic philosopher in ‘Nirvana’.

I can keep adding on the several faces and facets of Rajender Krishan through his poems. I always feel writers and poets are blessed souls. Rajender Krishan is one among the few who observes the world, people around him and the happenings not just with ‘intelligence’ but with ‘wisdom’. The wisdom has manifested in the form his beautiful poetry; if you are lucky you will read and admire them.
'Solitude and other poems'; Rajender Krishan,
ISBN 978-81-8253-414-8
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