Solitude and Other Poems by Rajender Krishan ISBN: 978-81-8253-414-8
Amazon ASIN: B08LV52XZF
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About the Book

Seizing the spirit of a difficult and confusing age and conscious of the momentous and crucial challenges in the post-modern era, the poet with an originality of evocative images mesmerizes discarding obscure and ingeniously intelligible sophistication of urbane characteristics. Occasional surge of rhythmic language and love for realism saturates this poetry. Treatment of imperceptible meanderings into world of the known and the unknown engages and excites. Varied experiences gathered amaze as words create music in nostalgic orb. Celebration of instinctive love for literature, traditions and religion is apparent, as refined worldly outlook of poet make lyrics memorable.

Exploitation, violence, and ravenousness for material comforts damage the system the rhymes highlight, and these lyrics not only provoke but also disturb. Women are saviours of life, art, culture and heritage and yet men are crude and bestial many a time, the poet feels, for reprisals remain mere apologies. Selfishness mutilates relationships, as warmth turns frigid. Rajender Krishan appositely raises questions of life and death driving everyone to metaphysical deliberations. A man thinks he is somewhere but alas, he is nowhere, for a void engulfs. If a man wants merger with the Lord, he must discover true meaning of silence and solitude and at that moment, he would bring freedom and harmony to life. Inconspicuously, a lyrical sensation lingers on, even after one finishes enjoying these verses, gentle and provoking.



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