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Amma's Gospel by Rajender Krishan
Amazon ebook ASIN: B08LSYFLN4  Amazon USA | Amazon India 
Paperback ISBN-13 : 978-1-947403116  Amazon USA  | Amazon India  

Amma's Gospel (Hindi) : Amma Boli translated by Giti Tyagi 
Amazon ebook ASIN: B08X3RLZS2 Amazon USA | Amazon India 

Amma's Gospel (Marathi): Aajiche Bol translated by Dr. Shefali Chitre
Amazon ebook ASIN: B097F71YF6 Amazon USA | Amazon India 

Amma's Gospel (Marathi): Aajichi Vachne translated by Dr. Satish Bendigiri
Amazon ebook ASIN: B0BMTNKRYQ Amazon USA | Amazon India 

Amma's Gospel (Tamil): Amma Vin Bodh Nayeen translated by Dr. Barathi Srinivasan
Amazon ebook ASIN: BB08TPN96QC Amazon USA | Amazon India 

Amma's Gospel (Malayalam): Ammamozhi translated by Sarala Ram Kamal
Amazon ebook ASIN: B093QP93NY Amazon USA | Amazon India 

Amma's Gospel (Maltese): Il-VanÄ¡elu ta' Amma translated by Patrick J Sammut 
Paperback ISBN : 978-99957-1-976-0
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About the Book

Amma’s Gospel is not only a medium of illumination but also an expression of civilizational and cultural foundation the poet wishes to convey, and so builds up a lyrical edifice to confirm. Mother is never an individual but a collective symbol of harmony and sorority.  She is the quintessence of patience, tolerance and love for humankind and perhaps, ultimately, stands before each one to say that to love man is to love ‘the self and humanity’ and thus, a restrained and yet so obvious yearning to establish peace and harmony in a not very healthy age.


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