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Amma's Gospel: Into the Ever-present Now

Amma’s Gospel by Rajender Krishan
Setu Publication, Pittsburgh, USA 168 Pages
Paperback ISBN-13 : 978-1-947403116 Amazon ebook ASIN : B08LSYFLN4
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A great being once said “a mystic sees nothing but god.” Reading Amma’s Gospel, I felt a true gem glowing with hints of god. As I contemplated on the verses, I felt Amma’s warm presence embrace me and slowly and delightfully, her gentle wisdom surfaced, like an invisible smile beneath the words, tenderly whispering the eternal truth - Ek Onkar. And as I allowed Rajender’s beautiful visions to illuminate me, they lead me into that one silence where all search for meaning disappears, into the ever-present now - Amma’s heartbeat.

This is the power of Rajender’s poetry. He takes you straight to your heart, to you. As Rajender takes “refuge in the gleaming eyes and serenity” of his grandmother Amma and as words become consciousness within, you experience the reality Amma and he are pointing at - Love yourself by being true to yourself.

Amma’s Gospel is precious. It is full of wonder:

     While being physically alive
     everyone goes through 
           without volition

     millions of microscopic cycles
     of the birth and death marvel.
     Most remain oblivious to this wonder.

It illustrates simplicity:

     Life is in the Now
     of cause and effect
     Not in the past nor in the future

It inspires harmony:

     There are no better riches than
     Acceptance of Life as it is

Through the sublime wisdom of his beloved Amma, Rajender joyfully and honestly reveals timeless secrets of the self that we long to understand and experience. Written like sutras, Rajender’s illuminations inspire devotion and a space for silent contemplation that takes us deeper into the self, the heart of all. Here the soul discovers meaning and reasons to embrace life and stay in light. Here the soul finds freedom in Amma’s grace filled sublime wisdom.

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