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Amma's Gospel: Wisdom for Everyone

Amma’s Gospel by Rajender Krishan
Setu Publication, Pittsburgh, USA 168 Pages
Paperback ISBN-13 : 978-1-947403116 Amazon ebook ASIN : B08LSYFLN4
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It is true when Author Rene Descartes once said. The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest men of past centuries,” Here’s what I experienced for having to say so…

Mr. Rajendra Krishna is one of the most inspiring individuals especially in my life as his works have molded me to find my true potential. Recently he launched his new anthology book named “Amma’s Gospel”, which I finished reading two days back, and like always it takes me on a roller coaster ride of my childhood to cherish my best memories as a major flashback. Prior to this, I have read his book, “Solitude”, which is indeed one of the masterpieces that I am honored to add to my collection.

Most of us find our inspiration at home especially from our Mother/ Amma or even Grandma for that matter. However, over a period of time, we generally stop prioritizing our love towards them and start focusing on other things. On a contrary, when we look back to the days when we used to lie on our Amma or Grandma’s most comforting thighs and listening to those unforgettable lullabies with the most soothing voice indeed adds up to the pandora box of best memories.

Amma’s Gospel” is a collection of such works that takes the reader on a journey of wisdom and thought leadership that helps to choose what is right. In the olden days, the way of leading lives was simple and calm for which our ancestors and elders faced minimal damage or hassles in their lives because they never considered problems as actual problems and their calm minds always had the best solutions to deal with any kind of situation. Every line is framed and fabricated in a way that has the best essence of how to lead the best and most peaceful life.

The book starts with the warmest way of greeting the readers which slowly synchronizes the journey of a reader in a way that he/ she feels like stepping into the plight of reliving the moments that shapes them into being wise and happiest. From Greetings to the importance of praying, from being quizzical and curious to find answers to all the questions, and finally, from experiencing wounds to finding a way to heal them, this book takes you on a perfect ride to enjoy the balance of our emotions and understanding the reasonings of compassion, devotion, Heaven and Hell to understand the true meaning of life and our existence.

It indeed is a collection of the best works that is a must-read for any age group especially the youth to find the true purpose of living and be grateful to the teachings from our mother-earth through our mother or Amma.

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Comment Greetings, Pray, Quest, Word, Destination, Poise, Gurudwara, Mystic, Impetus, Transient, Maya --- These poems from the Book "Amma's Gospel" simply made me say WOW just after reading. These poems ring true to the reader, transcending him. This book is Holy, it gives much peace to one's mind by simply letting him know the truth of life. I would suggest everyone to read this book written by Rajendra Krishan sir to add much value in their lives. These works deserve much praise and make me remember Gitanjali by Rabindra Nath Tagore.

Neeraj Kumar
05-Nov-2020 06:47 AM

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