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Spiritual Wisdom is Amma's Gospel

Amma's Gospel by Rajender Krishan
Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1-947403116
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The very title of the book, Amma’s Gospel, lends credence to the content and spirit of this poetry book, a rich harvest of wisdom reaped by the belatedly wise Rajender Krishan Chowdhry, from the inexhaustible age-long treasures of his grandma, his paternal grandmother, Shrimati Ratan Devi, who lived through and carried with her the greatest tragic upheaval in human history, the 1947 partition of India. These gospels are the true spiritual wisdom meant to elevate and transcend human life in the honest pursuit of life’s truth and beauty to experience the most precious happiness throughout in humble submission to the Divine Master. These poems acquaint us with Raj’s grateful realization as a lasting legacy.

The Foreword and the Previews written by the renowned erudite scholars bear ample testimony to the outstanding greatness of this book as a fine poetic flow of the human sagacity. The poet’s own ten-line Preface to the book explains and suggests and means much more than it says, and the reader also feels enlightened and delighted with the eternal beauty of poetry as the eternal repository of Truth that has been motivating and inspiring the generations since ages across the globe to live and enjoy life in the course of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Amma’s Gospel is a deep insight into the inscrutable and inexplicable mysteries of life which have always been the undying quest of Man in times of grief, distress and crises, though in easy times, he has no thought of the Supreme Lord, the Protector, the Munificent giver of all Bliss and Blessings gracefully. Amma would always counsel to be humble and honest, caring and loving and grateful, in all patience, to the Almighty to keep marching on the smoother paths of happiness and fulfillment in life. The burden of the whole gospel, and for that matter of the whole collection of religious, spiritual, intellectual and pragmatic wisdom, is bound in this sheaf of gold:

“Love yourself
by being true to yourself
Be not in haste to react 
First anticipate then contemplate
then respond
Follow the right path
Be happy
Be successful.”

Answers to the functioning of metaphysics in daily human life may remain elusive but Amma’s gospel answers that they are traced in our sustained unshakable faith in humble submission and reconciliation to the DIVINE! This is a book about the gospels of the wisdom incarnate, Amma, for the graceful, purposeful and meaningful conduct of daily life in the service out of sheer humble gratitude to the Master.

This is a book about Amma’s radiant, brilliant, dynamic, vibrant and glowing personality. In poem after poem, Amma appears with her wise discourse with fresh reflections. In the poems at pages 36, 37, 44, 53, 65, 89, 101 and 119, the reader feels blessed at his best. PCK Prem, in his long Foreword to the book, has dwelt on the current of the philosophy of the pragmatic and spiritual wisdom of Amma’s gospel and he has simplified it for the reader and that is the crux of the Foreword. The artist in Niloufer Wadia has used her passionate intensity in illustrations. The other literary luminaries have also come up with their brilliant look into these gospels in their previews to enhance the benedictory impact of the glorious wisdom.

Although Rajender Krishan’s Amma’s Gospel  is a unique contribution to the Modern Indian English Poetry, yet it has the passion and light to serve a greater purpose for the generations of readers universally.

Best of reading!

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Comment Excellent review. Also took the opportunity of reading other reviews. I am sure to buy one in the New Year.

Manpreet Singh
26-Dec-2020 20:13 PM

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