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Affirmations for a Positive Life

Amma's Gospel, Paperback ISBN-13 : 978-1-947403116 Amazon ebook ASIN: B08LSYFLN4
Wanderer, Paperback ISBN : 978-1-947403-15-4 Amazon ebook ASIN : B08T7VS8DZ


I recently had the pleasure to read two volumes of humanist and realist poetry penned by Mr. Rajender Krishan, a writer, real estate consultant, advertising and marketing professional and editor of Boloji journal. Boloji is a very intensive news and creative journal based in New York. Mr. Krishan’s two books, Amma’s Gospel and Wanderer (both Setu,2020 and 2021 respectively)  are honest, forthright reflections and affirmations on life, people and behavior. Many poems are lyrical, soft, yet fervent, and reflective. It’s heartening to read the excellent outpourings of life lessons learnt by the poet, and his willingness to share these with the world in the spirit of true mentorship.

His grandmother, Amma, or it could be references to universal motherhood, is a central part of Mr. Krishan’s poetic expressions. His deep respect for his own mother and the enlightenment he imbibed from her are extremely endearing. And then, daily wisdoms, or aha moments are sprinkled throughout the pages of both books. Substantiated with engaging pencil sketches by Niloufer Wadia, the poems come alive, and one can find oneself in the sketches and in the poems, such is their amazing universal quality. The titles of the poems in the Wanderer are unique and intriguing; some being adjectives, some nouns. So, we read of, lawless/ Wonderful/ Cipher/ Fulfillment/ Sly/ Mother/ Candor/ Greed. In each of the meticulously crafted poems, it’s quite clear that the poet has a distinct message to convey, which he does eloquently. Like in the poem, Loser: 

One, having lived
undignified throughout
now with a foot at
the edge of the grave
seriously craves
for that embrace

of the ultimate truth
before the permit
disintegrates into
called tombstone
of self-destruction
(Loser Pg 161 Wanderer)

In Amma’s Gospel, Mr. Krishan speaks about the compassion, love, caring, healing, poise and many other laudable qualities of his grandmother. The mother-son bond is heart touching and deeply impactful on the reader. The book is a great tribute to what our parents can teach us even though we may realize so much later in our lives. In many poems, he converses with Amma and she shares her insights slowly. There are passages on Amma’s lullabies/ Amma’s nurturing/ Amma’s command/ Amma’s generosity and also one of my favorites, Amma’s parathas (equivalent to stuffed fried tortillas). There is a parable in each from Amma to be remembered and followed, like in, Amma’s parathas:

An unforgettable taste
reminding to chew good
not to be eaten in haste.  (Amma Pg 65, Amma's Gospel)

How many of us will find our own mother in his words, his Amma!

In  both the books, Mr. Krishan’s humanity and kindness comes through like a shinning light. His poems are a reflection of his own self and writing is his muse to let the world know of the great, commonsense wisdoms that most gloss over in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

I would strongly recommend lovers of the poetic craft, of life, of the scarce quality of self-reflection, to buy these amazing, philosophical poetry books. The illustrations spread throughout the books provide a visual delight. Hat’s off to the illustrator for so captivatingly depicting the essence of the tender, poignant poems. All in all, these collections are a reader’s delight, a window into a sensitive soul who believes in and encourages, positivity.

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