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Paying Indebted Due

Amma's Gospel by Rajender Krishan
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Sri Rajender Krishan's Amma's Gospel (a collection of poems) commences with the poem, "Om". Every Indian poet or writer begins his/her literary work pertaining to Indian thought while writing "Om" which is honored as Pranava Nada which is said to have been emerged at first from the Almighty whose 'Will' caused the Creation. This Pranava Nada is the first and foremost form of the Energy who is believed to be consort of the Almighty.

But this Nada couldn't be heard by human beings who entered into this Creation to resume their unfinished Deeds of Previous Creation or those human beings entered into this Creation when they cherished the Illusion that they are The Atman (Soul) only but not The Absolute Atman.

The energy has been quite correctly qualified as primordial which means from the beginning whereas The Almighty would be, the Indian thought ever preaches, from the Beginningless to Endlessness.

This beginning of this Poetry-Work can be treated as the Prayer offered to The Woman (the Mother) who is venerated as The Energy i.e., consort of The Almighty. Hence, beginning is itself appreciable and praiseworthy.

The Gospel, which means 'the thing regarded as absolutely', has been preached that woman (Grandmother of Poet) who doesn't seem as the learned of Indian Scriptures etc. but what she did, did as so.

This Preached Gospel is of that Mother who bestowed her own experience, which could be the Knowledge beyond doubt, upon all men and women who are striving and struggling to achieve some or something else which isn't actually known.

Rather Be Aware
Every time you say,
'Namaste' ".

These words of Amma preach that in extending greetings also one ought to one ought to be aware that the same supreme Witness prevades all, implying that every greeting done consciously is a salutation to the Supreme.

For the question,

"How to pray?"

Amma very precisely told that-

'In quest of Wisdom, As a seeker,
admitting foolishness with Thanks'

is the prayer. Yes, the Prayer would never be seeking or begging world pleasures from the Almighty to whom The Prayers offered. Then, what is the foolishness? Amma replies, 

'You (the Prayer) get what you deserve
Only when it becomes due.'

Only that woman, who is born with Indian Thought or who gains Indian Thought, could only reply alike. Because, The Indian Spiritualism, without second thought, preaches that oneself ought to achieve for oneself as there is no other to give what oneself prays for.

For a question put, Amma as an absolute authority over Indian Thought draws attention of reader to know and keep on mind that,

" 'Life' lives majestically
in myriad forms and impulses."

Other than Learned of Indian Spiritualism hardly understand 'Life' which wouldn't be 'Lives' in fact. The 'Life' would flash as 'Lives' that too in myriad forms but Only 'Life' would be there, no 'Lives' could be there.

For another question, Amma reveals The Absolute Truth which could be envisioned by The Spiritualism especially envisioned by The Veerashivism, one of schools of Indian Spiritualism that

'There will be
Nothing more to know
Nothing to gain, nothing to Lose.'

This is that Nothing which could not be easily understood to an ordinary reader. The One, who could have faith in the doctrine that each and every one and each and everything, would be Only One who would be known, preached, honored, venerated and believed as The Almighty Who would be Only One before the Creation and after the Creation in which 'state' there would not be any one or anything to know and address that One. Even that One would not address that One as that One! Hence, that state of One would be described as nothing into which state each and every observant must enter ultimately.

Along with some other items pertaining to Indian Spiritualism, Amma's Gospel contains items of morality, modesty and behavior to be adopted and practiced by human beings.

Both items of Indian spiritualism and of materialistic world have been well penned. Though no punctuation marks put, reader could get idea conveyed in these poems. Indubitable reader could enjoy poetry too while learning the absolute truth preached by Amma. Foreign readers to Indian spiritualism might not accurately follow complete content of some poems. But I invite this Gospel as the entire Indian spiritualism is yet to be received by non-Indians i.e., who are not aware of so. Because the Indian spiritualism is not for only Indians but for all human beings who are born on this globe.

I appreciate and respect Sri Rajender Krishan and extend my gratitude to him who contributed this Poetry-Book which can be honored as novel poetry and sending a complimentary copy of it to me. 

I pay my salutations to him as by writing Amma's Gospel he had tried to pay indebted due to his Mother. Thus, he has stood as a model, according to Indian Thought, for all who must pay dues of mother, father, preacher, The Almighty and all living beings. 

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