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Amma's Gospel: An Oasis in the Desert

‘Amma’s Gospel' by Rajender Krishan
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The volume of verses, by Rajender Krishan titled Amma’s Gospel is an oasis in the desert.

The present world - with death and ultimate destruction knocking at doors and as balm Amma’s Gospel pacify the tortured souls, tortured the souls grief stricken once by partition and now by the destructive coronavirus with killing spree. Amma has answers to all questions arising from miseries that humanity is experiencing.

The poet confronted with the hate and distress still goes to his grandmother in the same way as he went for her advice when he was a small child.

For the final answers the poet inspired and influenced by his Amma searched in for Indian Philosophy.

Metaphysics interests the poet. Very often his personality changes from a poet to a philosopher. The gospel of Amma unites with the essence of profound Indian philosophy.

For the final answers, he talks of salvation as he transcends all his sorrow and grief of the material life. Spirituality attracts him. He talks of Prakriti and Purusha, three gunassattva, rajas and tamas as the essence of life.

Starting from the poem titled Om to Renunciation, the poems by the erudite poet talks of ultimate knowledge, as Amma’s gospel that if followed can save humanity. It is difficult to combine mysticism with rationalism but in several poems, the poet is able to combine the both. For example, in the beginning of the volume, the poet pens the memorable lines in OM

He talks of Om finally and pens

Primordial energy
The sound of silence

The Only Verse Manifesting eternally
The Universe

The volume is illuminating. Devotion to Amma by the poet and remembering her and her words in every verse is unparalleled. Remarkable is his remembrance of her as the ultimate advice giver. She is the supreme judge between goodness and the evil and her judgment is final and absolute. She is the epitome of all that is considered good, - she is sacrificing and tolerant, loving and patient. The qualities which are needed the most in the present world inflicted with terrorism and violence, cruelty and intolerance. Some of the poems are brief but striking.

How beautifully he expresses Today and The Present in the following lines,

is inimitably
a wonderful day

continuation and
the fragility of life

Bequeathing one more
opportunity to appreciate
what is now before us

Affirming there is not
another better reason
to experience life

Here is his definition of The Present

The Present

Before cognition happens
or expression takes place
Now – the moment
slips away
another chapter gets added
to the epoch of life

in the limits of
Time, Space and Causation
The perception of the present
the natural gift from God
remains perpetually camouflaged
within the diurnal shades

Transcend the limits;
eliminate the shadows
and experience
Now as Eternity...

So, proclaim the Masters
When will I learn
to venerate the gift?

Life is another wonderful poem. It is indeed changeless in change.

According to the poet,

Life is the only constant
that is forever changing

This four-letter word
encompassing dynamic vibrance
mysteriously challenging
when meditated upon
unfolds exclusively
to extrapolate distinctively
the individual perception
as a prize or penalty
with a unique portrayal every time
illustrating the experience
of transformation
within and without

Contemplate and transcend
by discovering
the essence of Life

Do it is an interesting poem. Very truthfully, he pens,

The youngest wondering
What and why to do it
The jobless youth
Clueless, how to do it

The middle-aged frustrated
Too busy, no time to do it
The Octogenarians mumble
No need to do it

Unable to manage the
pandemic and social distancing
The bemused leaders thunder
Don’t talk, just do it

In the following poem, he gives his definition of Independence


Space, Air, Water, Fire, Earth
to be aware of
the dependence of all
on these elements
to acquire a form

Offer gratitude to all
known and unknown
past and present
as without being
dependent on them
one cannot get
essentials to live
and celebrate life

Surrender in all humility
to the Witness within
the only Sovereign
unperturbed and carefree
as the eternal concept
of independence


Functional basics are sacred and
have remained unchanged ever since
humans started walking on earth

Earth’s landscape, every few miles,
changes topography, stimulating
social, cultural, and dialectic distinction.

Everyone knows, acknowledges,
and admires the obvious differences
with proclamation of unity in diversity:

a rational and wise declaration.
It is, perhaps, a pre-requisite
for the evolutionary growth of man.

Yet, the edict is repeatedly betrayed
and threatened to be destroyed
by mankind’s identity crisis.

History is replete with brutal acts
exploiting the peculiarities with
prejudice, hate and manipulation.

The trend continues even today,
to desecrate the Garden of Eden
in the name of One unknown God.

Is this a permanent strategy devised
by a few warlords who use exploitation
and tyranny to play the power games?

One questions if there is something
more disgraceful known to mankind
besides the cruel and beastly instincts?

No wonder, the mystic wanders!

As I write today, on Guru Nanak Devji’s Birthday so I conclude as Nanak advised to remove Ego and the problem of mankind lies in ego. He clarifies in the poem of the fact in Gurdwara.


You will cross the Gate (dwar)
and become one with the One

I” will cease
Even the concept of “God”
will disappear

The realization
The attainment
− will simply be −
the primordial energy
the sound of the silence
Ik Onkar Satnam

From Om to Onkar, life is a journey spellbound.

Indeed the practical wisdom of life combined with mysticism make the volume a remarkable book and the readers are delighted to find their journey a memorable one with that of the poet’s analysis and wisdom that are the gospels of his dearest Amma.

The poet is an Idealist. The simplicity of language and thought and the profound metaphysical analysis are evident in Amma’s Gospel.

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Comment Sir, congratulations for writing such a detailed and honest review of Amma's Gospel.
In fact it's a unique collection of poems by the poet,
which boldly decodes the predicament of life and finds mature, time-tested and philosophical solutions.
A great work by the prolific poet Rajender Krishan ,for all the generations - without distinction to read, learn and evolve.

Neera Pradhan
04-Dec-2020 23:06 PM

Comment good analysis, Mandira

vvb ramarao
03-Dec-2020 19:47 PM

Comment Good composition, nice review.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam
30-Nov-2020 09:07 AM

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