Spirit of Service - A Virtue

Serving others is a virtue which elevates one’s personality and character if practised in the right spirit. It crushes ego during the act, and improves emotional strength. It also keeps undesirable thoughts away.

In today’s fast-paced routines, people often have no time to interact with each other, leave alone taking out time for helping or serving those around them. It is all the more necessary then that one realised that freedom is a precious gift. It is a special blessing providing us the splendid opportunity of raising our moral quotient, to enable a complete understanding of the self.

Illuminating examples of individuals who served the needy or those who ushered in momentous transformative reforms to alleviate suffering, sighting the enlightened light within only to realise that the Universal Spirit resides in each of us. And by reaching out to even a single human being would enrich our own lives with so much more love, contentment, hope and happiness. Lives of such people teach us that our real worth is not gained through education, high rank or ego, but through humility and selflessness.

The ignorant or self-obsessed mind considers being of use to others a waste-of time and effort, not realising that the very intent proffers meaning to the individual’s mindscape, making him/her more compassionate. This also helps him/her become geared towards riding past tough obstacles which stand between the do-er and the desired goal. Channelizing divine love and the power of motivation can help us live with peace and hope.

Duties of the world-whether personal professional or societal prevent many earnest individuals from unlocking strictly drawn boundaries, and sustaining the joy of service and the sparkle of brotherhood. For it is only when we internalise the matchless generosity inherent in charitable acts that the thrill of kindness would permeate humanity. 


More by :  Bhavna Mathur

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Comment yes, the point made by Bhavna Mathur on the often neglected subject of service needs to be developed right from school and home level.

anil mathur
27-Dec-2013 09:02 AM

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