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Invisible Government Rules India?
by Dr. Rajinder Puri Bookmark and Share

Two simultaneous developments are intriguing. After prevaricating for two months over submission of the supplementary charge sheet on the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case the CBI eventually submitted it to the court. It did not name either as accused, or as a suspect deserving questioning, Mr. Amit Shah, former Minister of State Home affairs and closest aide of Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. The Home portfolio during the relevant period was held by Mr. Modi. Simultaneously there were reports that the central government will take up the allegations of unwarranted surveillance of a lady by the Gujarat police on instructions of Mr. Amit Shah who was propitiating an unnamed “Saheb”. It seems that surveillance was carried on even beyond the Gujarat border which falls under the jurisdiction of the central government allowing it to intervene.

It is curious how persistent the government is about pursuing the surveillance case which is comparatively trivial. After all even if hypothetically it does get proved that the Gujarat police was used to monitor the movements of a lady in order to satisfy the curiosity of Mr. Amit Shah’s Saheb, what is the big deal insofar as political damage is concerned? Do not bureaucrats frequently misuse official vehicles for domestic purposes? Such misuse of official machinery in pursuit of a personal relationship is small change in political terms.

It was the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case that was politically lethal. Over a dozen police officers are accused and in prison charged with fake encounter crimes. The most senior among them is DG Vanzara who until his arrest was the strongest personal favourite of Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

During the period of these fake encounters Mr. Shah was not only MOS Home affairs but was also the prime accused in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. He continues to be on bail while he is currently in charge of the BJP poll campaign in Uttar Pradesh. It might be recalled that during the Gujarat assembly poll in 2007 Mr. Modi had declared that for the police to kill Sohrabuddin Sheikh they did not need Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s permission.

The supplementary charge-sheet on the Ishrat Jahan case was filed after convicted police official DG Vanzara released a widely publicized letter to the Gujarat government. He alleged that all the policemen were wrongfully jailed because they had merely carried out the orders of their superiors. He wrote that the CBI should “arrest the policy formulators also as we, being field officers, have simply implemented the conscious policy of this government which was inspiring, guiding and monitoring our actions from very close quarters”. In that letter Vanzara went out of his way to identify Mr. Amit Shah as one most responsible for the wrongful arrest of police officers.

The CBI questioned Mr. Amit Shah after the letter was released. Mr. Shah denied to the CBI any knowledge of police activities related to the fake encounters. Records in possession of the police revealed that Mr. Shah had made 331 telephone calls to Vanzara and other police officers during the relevant period of the fake encounters under investigation. Despite this unusually close interaction with the jailed officers Mr. Shah claimed total ignorance about police activity related to the encounters. He did admit he had made the phone calls but described all 331 of them as routine. It is surprising that a minister lauded for his efficiency should be so incompetent as to be in total ignorance about his officers planning and executing these encounters.

The Ishrat Jahan case came under a further cloud after it transpired that a meeting of senior Gujarat officials in 2011 discussed strategy to obstruct investigation in that particular fake encounter case. The officials attending that meeting included the defence lawyer of the accused as well as the acting Attorney General of the Gujarat government. In addition Chief Minister Mr. Modi’s Personal Secretary, Mr. Girish Murmu, was also present in that meeting. The conversation in that meeting was taped on two pen drives delivered to the CBI by one of the accused police officers present, Mr. GL Singhal. Despite all this circumstantial evidence the CBI has given a clean chit to Mr. Shah and entirely omitted his name from the supplementary charge sheet. CBI officials told media that there was “no legally tenable evidence” on the basis of which Mr. Shah could be named. Clearly the CBI considers the circumstantial evidence inadequate even for further cross examination of Mr. Amit Shah by the court.

Is not the CBI controlled by the government? Of course it is. Can there be then the unthinkable view that the UPA government is actually going soft on Mr. Shah by focusing on the trivial Snoopgate scam and soft pedaling the damaging fake encounters case? If that be case, why should it happen? The answer is, why should it not happen? Should not the Congress as a quid pro quo go soft on possible misdemeanors by BJP leaders after the latter have shown such touching consideration for the Congress leadership? Consider the BJP record on alleged excesses of Congress leaders. Throughout the current poll campaign apart from taunts and personal jibes not one BJP leader has asked hard and searching questions on the government’s role in the Robert Vadra land deal, or Suresh Kalmadi’s foreign jaunts while on bail as a CWG scam accused. Contrast this with how Rajiv Gandhi was dragged over the coals during the Bofors affair! After the Huffington Post alleged and later retracted allegations of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s undeclared foreign wealth, not one BJP leader opened his mouth even though the allegation was old hat publicized earlier by the Swiss media, the Russian government, The Hindu newspaper, Mr. AG Noorani, Mr. Subramaniam Swamy and this writer. After the Maharashtra Home Minister declared in the assembly that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s Political Secretary Mr. Ahmed Patel had a secret meeting with notorious money launderer Hasan Ali, there was not even a murmur by any BJP leader. After an intrepid BJP intellectual echoed the foreign account allegation against Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Mr. LK Advani promptly wrote a letter of apology to the Congress President…

After all this surely the decent and honourable course for the Congress would be to show equal consideration for the BJP leaders. Do not both parties cooperate by enriching their leaders at the cost of the nation? In the recent Adarsh scam Mr. Modi waxed eloquently against Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s silence over the corruption of Congress leaders that was exposed. But then it came to light that a BJP leader Mr. Abhay Sincheti, based in the RSS home town of Nagpur , was also hugely involved in the scam. One does not hear anything from BJP leaders about the Adarsh scam any more. Leaders of both parties have been caught time and again with their hands in the till. Jointly they loot the nation. It becomes difficult sometimes to determine which party is in the government and which is in the opposition. It becomes difficult sometimes to identify which party is actually governing the nation. It almost seems sometimes that India is being ruled by an invisible government.

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Comments on this Article

Comment The Writer has very clearly shown a Deep nexus between the Congress & RSS/ BJP..If one observes carefully,The nexus is obvious all around-Most of the Onion Mafia,Liqour mafia,Land mafia,Mining mafia,Sand mafia,Religous mafia, Corporate Syndicates,Education mafia etc are DEEPLY LINKED with BJP & CONGRESS !! These Vested Interests make sure that either Congress or BJP remains the alternative in politics.There is also a theory gaining ground that International Money Cartels/ Bankers cartels CONTROL INDIAN POLITICS via RSS & NEHRU/GANDHI DYNASTY....Punch " Communism & the Jews,Mao tse Tung & Rothschild funds by Capt.Ajit Vadakayil on Google-Internet & read how the International Banking Cartels Control Govts....The RADIA TAPES clearly show that Neither ManMohan Singh nor Sonia Gandhi really control the Real big Decisions in Govt.of India.

01/08/2014 10:48 AM

Comment "Vasudhaiv kutumbakam" is being followed by all corrupts, not only between BJP and Congress, but between many parties (not all because all would mean including 'AAP' !), bureaucrats and businessmen.

So why question the colaboration only between corrupts of Congress and corrupts of BJP ?

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
12/28/2013 12:49 PM

Comment Many believe that terrorists should be shoot at sight rather than to take them through a long way of judicial process after catching them, such as in case of Kasab. (Who was Ishrat is least talked about).

Therefore, these fake encounter stories will not agitate Modi supporters as well as those who are neutral on Modi, they would still believe that the end result was at least not anti-national neither a scam. This case is bound to be rejected by masses in current circumstances should media and Congress raise the pitch about it.

What one would like to see, to oppose Modi and to declare that he is not the best candidate available to become PM in 2014, is clues that draw comparison between the kind of anti-national and untra corrupt practices followed by the Congress govt under leadership of Soniya-Rahul-Manmohan with some kind of SIMILAR practices by Modi or other BJP leders in power.

I don't think a paralle can be drawn, while many believe that corruption exists under Modi's rule as well, yet many believ that there is no parallel with the kind of anti national and ultra corrupt activities this Congress govt has beein involved into, many of which are now talked about in public domain.

Until then, I dont think there is a better choice, and democracy is all about making choice between 'the availables'.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
12/28/2013 12:45 PM

Comment The news about charges being dropped against Sadhvi Pragya in the case of Sunil Joshi's murder by NIA can also be given as an example by the author however the reasoning given by the author on why Congress is going soft on Modi and his associates is not convincing.

In order to convince the people at large and retain its vote bank among the Hindus, there is an urgent compulsion on Congress to prove that it is not anti Hindu and the only way they can now do it is by announcing the steps being taken by them - the exercise started by bringing in Tunda and Bhatkal and desparate follow up and assurances to bring back Dawood as well. They will pursue the trivial snoopgate scandal only to put up anti Modi show to its non Hindu vote bank.

The author is confusing old BJP and Modi's BJP - the examples of corruption and going soft on each other quoted by him are what the yester year BJPians under Advani and Vajpeyi were doing and they were indeed hand in glove with their counter parts - Modi and his loyalists are not part of these elite BJPians. That is exactly why none of Modi's loyalists have been charged with corruption even after 15 years of rule and tremendous govt spending on various schemes.

Modi is a rank outsider to Delhi's power caucuses - he is the ASSABIA Ibn Khaldun has described in his famous thesis who will enter Delhi's saltanat by destroying the current power caucuses commonly shared by Congress and yester year BJPians - this is what he did in Gujarat and one would expect him to do the same in Delhi as well.

The political argument that both parties are hand in glove in looting the nation is apparently a popular one especially in the educated class of India who have been leading the candle light marches in this country ever since 2008 - this very position is opening flood gates of power politics to Maoists who are hell bent on establishing political support within urban India and positioning themselves to take over the Delhi saltanat just like they did in Nepal. They have already shown their power in getting parties of their choice elected in states like WB.

We as responsible citizens should not confuse the educated middle class by such arguments and lead them into the grip of political parties who are amenable to the maoists.

I thank the author for spotting the Go Soft line of action taken by Congress vis a vis its main political rival.

12/28/2013 01:06 AM

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