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In 65 years of its vibrant democracy, the Indian voter never had it so good. Really, I feel he/she is spoilt for choice this time around. And all that is expected of him on D-day is just to tick the choice of his liking in a test containing a single multiple choice question with a 1-liner answer. As you all know, the multiple choices are, but not limited to

1.       NDA
2.       UPA
3.       AAP
4.       Third front
5.       Fourth front
6.       Fifty other candidates representing parties you haven’t heard off
7.       Want to abstain? …
We have been told repeatedly that we must vote for the right candidate. It is our foremost duty as a citizen of our great country. So, have you already decided to cast your vote? For the Right, or the Left, or neither ...  There is no point being grumpy later on, and blame politicians for all ills that beset our society.
I was trying to assess in all sincerity the party I should be rooting for and performed the following analysis…
The UPA is really a cool party. Didn’t you appreciate how ably it was led by a cool leader  for 10 years, when a few rotten apples in its rank was hell bent on maligning its image. If you love monarchy (Reports claim that the Kingdom of Bhutan has the happiest people on this planet) & is a beneficiary of the largesse of this magnanimous old party, the attraction I guess is simply irresistible.
As for the NDA, we would all like to give it a chance. It has been a while since they reigned. From all accounts, a lot of development took place during their last tenure under the able Vajpayee. Moreover, with the chant ‘Namo, Namo’ blowing in the wind, the likelihood of not getting blown away for a Hindu is too remote.  If NDA come to power with a thumping majority, our morals are sure to shoot up to its zenith.  We would have to stop our prying eyes from wandering and catching the fairer sex in elegant tees and jeans, mini skirts etcetera, because only the good old Saris would be filling up spaces in the women’s wardrobe from now on. Just imagine the Bollywood heroine gyrating to the rollicking Sheela Ki Jiwani  in the whole 9-yard garment?
Now the party that truly represents us… As Aam Aadmi, how can we be not drawn towards it? Coupled with that, the drama that their leaders can unleash on a regular basis can provide us with non stop free entertainment for days on end. As a bonus, corruption is likely to go the polio way in India. …
The possibility of a Third or Fourth front is in the realm of reality like never before. In all previous contest, we were saddled with a Hobson, or at best a binary choice. Now one can conjure up endless combinations …. With such stalwarts in this group, a little mapping may ensure them success in MISSION 272+
What? You’re finding it difficult to decide whom to choose? Planning to abstain? Don’t, as you need to play an active role in bringing about a change in society by advocating good candidate. I tried doing that. I looked up the profile of the candidates of my constituency, their academic and well criminal background, and their assets. I discovered that quite a few of them haven’t even cleared the matriculation…some have passed the fifth standard, but their declared assets read several crores… if you are still dithering and unable to come out of the maze with a decisive opinion, you may take recourse to the action Jay and Veeru took in SHOLAY whenever they found themselves in a spot. Instead of the ‘coin,’ you may have to make use of a Ludo ‘dice’…Make sure the dice doesn’t fool you in the manner Veeru was deceived…Jai Hind.


More by :  Subhajit Ghosh

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