Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Now a days the diseases of oral cavity are quite common in our country. Diseases of Gums impair Digestive System and Physical Health of the Patient and Bad Breath decreases Social image of the Human Being. 80 % of the people suffers from the bad breath because of the poor oral hygiene.

Causes of Bad Breath

  1. Due to lack of cleanness of oral cavity, small food particles lodged into teeth which becomes seat for infection. Infection leads to liberation of gases which are foul or offensive smelling. These gases are the main cause of Halitosis.
  2. Nasal Infection: Sinus infection, Nasopharyngitis, Chronic Rhinitis, Atrophic Rhinitis, Adenoid infection causes foul discharge, sometimes maggots formation leading to Headache and Bad Breath.
  3. Dry Mouth: Starvation, Smoking, Adenoid infection, Snoring, Oral Breathing causes Dry Mouth and it leads to infection and ultimately Bad Breath.
  4. Artificial Restorative Denture Material: It leads to poor cleanness of oral cavity and it causes infection and Bad Breath.
  5. Infections of the Gums: Streptococci viridians, Staphylococci, Aspergillus, Pseudomonas causes infection in Gums and Periodontium leading to Halitosis.
  6. Congenital Anomalies: Diseases like Cleft lips, Cleft palate are the seat of Infection.
  7. Affections of the Esophagus and Lungs: Various infections of the Esophagus and Lungs leads to Bad Breath.
  8. Renal Failure: In Uremia waste materials accumulates in blood. This blood reaches in the lungs. Lungs expels gases which are offensive in nature.
  9. Hormonal Changes: Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Hepatic Failure, Premenstrual Conditions causes various odours.
  10. Constipation: Due to Constipation odour of waste materials comes from Breath.
  11. Specific food Materials: Onion, Garlic contains more sulpher which leads to Bad Odour.

Types of Odour

Ammonia cal
Offensive etc.

Treatment of Halitosis

  1. Nidana Parivarjana: Detection of cause and it’s prevention and treatment.
  2. Improvement in oral hygiene: Proper tooth brushing, oral cleaning etc.
  3. 3% H2O2 Gargles.
  4. Oral Vitamins and Calcium etc.
  5. Routine Dental check- up and treatment.
  6. Other Ayurvedic treatment include:

a) Amalaki Rasayana – 5gm Bid
b) Arogyavardhini Vati- 500mg + Shankha Bhasma 250mg Bid with water
c) Triphala Choorna – 6gm Kwath for Kaval and Gandoosh
d) Dashansanskar Choorna 5gm for oral toilet
e) Dantamanjana with Neem, Khadhir etc – two times a day.


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