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Magical Modi Message Mesmerizes Madison

“Small ideas to catch big dreams” is one of those popular slogans that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi articulated with brio at Madison Square in front of an odd 20,000 NRI’s (Non-Resident- Indians) who were enthralled by the charismatic personality of Narendra Modi. The Indian Prime Minister who chose to speak in Hindi after Atal Bihari Bajpayee, looked quite tenacious and enthusiastic both in approach and body language while delivering his vision and mission to transform a resurgent India.

The surging crowd waiting for more than three hours to hear something positive for them was more than gratified when the Prime Minister declared lifetime visas would be granted to holders of “Persons of Indian Origin Cards”. Further, the PIO card schemes and overseas citizenship schemes would be merged into one.
He once again reminded the whole world from a foreign soil that India is sufficiently fertile with three gifted resources - democracy, human resource and market. Not only that his encomium on the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi - who, according to him, has given us our long cherished freedom and cleanliness and now it is our time to pay him back - speaks volumes about his deep rooted patriotism and minute observation on Indian history. He minced no words to let the world know his incredible transition from a mere tea-seller to the Prime Minister of a country with an overwhelming mandate.
His energetic speech was often greeted with thunderous clapping and yelling approval of each word he uttered like “m-o-d-i, m-o-d-i-“. It was evident that he spoke from his heart and sought the help of Indian-Americans for the building of a developed nation.
The Prime Minister also divulged  his dreams for India in its 75th year of independence. One dream he shared with the audience was that every Indian will have a house of his own by 2022, he declared to wild cheers of support.
Another dream, Modi said, was that by 2019, Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, Indians would have embraced cleanliness as a national mission because it was Gandhi’s dream to see an India that is rid of filth and dirt.
To make the occasion more indelible he cracked petty jokes very religiously with an impression that he is not someone living in the “ivory tower” rather a common fellow who is very “catchable”at the time of distress.


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