A Hungry Husband

On a recent rainy afternoon, a hungry husband rushed home from his office in his unique Uno car to dine a wholesome meal with his wife. The husband upon entering his house hurriedly called his Biwi's name with an urgent plea to dish out the lunch as he had to rush back to office to attend an important meeting with his Boss at 1:00PM.  He called her name 'Usha!!!!', first in a titillating tone, then in a tender tone and finally in that timber tone that many wives are only too familiar, only to receive a silent response.

He then enquired the lady servant where their common boss had gone. The servant appraised him that she had gone to her neighbor's domicile to chat 'chalapila' (Nonsense) with her bosom friend Leela. An audible shout -'Usha!' was made opening the Kitchen door in the southern direction but a northern wind buffeted his strident and stentorian pleas.

Hungry and desperate, he sent the servant to fetch her. She promptly returned with the answer 'De Varunnu' (am coming). He tried to while away a few minutes sitting and watching the newly bought 'Neighbor's envy, owner's pride' but his belly was only turning belligerent. He went to the kitchen and tried to open the fridge to cull out the last week's cooking delights to do a self-service to his wolfy-hungry belly. Surprisingly, he found it locked and the servant informed that his caring wife had taken the key with her.

Frustrated, he then sent out his son, who was luckily home preparing for his CBSE 10th examination, to bring his mother home by force. He also came with the familiar reply ' Ippo varuva' (Coming now).

Now seemed never and the hungry husband lost his patience. He called the servant and his son, lifted up the fridge and took it to the drawing room of his neighbor Leela and from there he shouted at his wife 'Usha, serve me lunch!'. Upon hearing a familiar fulsome voice, his wife rushed to the drawing room saying 'Ayyo Chetta, I was coming'. She then quickly opened the fridge, borrowed a plate from Leela Chechi and warmed up the food from the fridge in chechi's microwave oven and served him hot lunch. The unassuming and user- friendly husband drove back to his office in his Uno utterly contended and cheerful.


Chetta: Pet name used by married women to address their husband. It also means elder brother
Chechi: Elder sister


More by :  P. G. R. Nair

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