Drooling Dreams of My Wife

It was a typical romantic setting that happens only once in a blue moon in every couple's life. I asked my husband, 'Don't I still look like the pretty girl in your dreams?' He nodded and replied, 'Of course dear, the nightmare still continues.'

No doubt he belongs to that group of pessimists who believe love is one long sweet dream and marriage is the alarm clock.

Husbands are the unfeeling umpires in our life. Last week I told my husband, 'Hubby, I had a dream last night that we bought a new Benz car.' He replied, 'Excellent dream dear. By the way, in tonight's dream, see if you can come up with the money.'

I have been dreaming a lot these days, almost incessantly. I laugh out loud during my dreams, so loud that my husband is often awakened by my nocturnal guffaws. He says sometimes it begins as a chuckle, but many a times the laughter just erupts, like as if I had witnessed the funniest thing in the world.

During a midsummer night's dream I shouted 'Goal! Goal!'. This time my husband was really concerned and took me straight to a psychologist. The psychologist with an air of self-importance asked me, 'When do you usually dream?' I replied in full earnest, 'Mostly during night. Yesterday, I tried to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.'
He then asked me 'Since when have you been suffering from this daily dose of dreams?' I replied, 'You see doctor, I joined a new school as a leadership coach and the principal there keeps rambling-'We should have a dream; We must chase our dreams; I have dream that one day this school; Your dreams are your possibilities.' He remarked politely, 'So the whole fault lies with your new job. But what exactly do you dream? '. I said, 'Doctor that depends on many factors. Last night in my dreams donkeys were playing football. The match was very thrilling. My husband's team won 2-1......' The doctor tried not to look at my husband, and added politely, 'Take this tablet this evening and you will be OK.' I asked him excitedly ' 'Doctor, can I take it tomorrow; tonight is the final match...!'

One day I was having an afternoon nap. When I woke up, I told my husband, "I just dreamt that you gave me a diamond necklace for Valentine's Day. What do you think it means?" He smiled indulgently and said, "You'll know tonight." That evening, he came home with a small package and gave it to me. Delighted and eager, I opened it with expectant eyes--only to find a book entitled "The meaning of your dreams".
To get even with my husband, I told him that I had a dream that a bus had run over me. He asked anxiously, 'What happened then?' I said, "Nothing, I was standing under a flyover'.

On learning that my husband had gifted me that book, my naive friend Mini, came to me and said, 'Raji, I want your help. Actually, it's not my dream, but my husband's. He told me about it this morning. It was Halloween and we were expecting some ghosts. The doorbell rang and I opened the door. The ghosts saw me and ran away screaming.' I told Mini, "To interpret such a dream you don't need a book, commonsense is enough!"

Dreams can be risky at times. Yesterday in my dream I saw an eccentric man approaching my bed. Terrified, I asked him, 'What are going to do'. He replied smilingly, 'That is up to you madam. It is your dream'. I had to daringly dodge this deviant dream.

Sharing of dreams is a hobby I have carefully cultivated with my friends. One day while chatting with my friend, Fariza, I said, 'Last night I had a dream that I was dancing at the Lido beach in Venice. Seeing my waltz, the Hollywood actor Tom Cruise who was on vacation there came to me asked for my hand.' Not to be outdone, my friend Fariza remarked, 'That's a nice dream. Let me tell you about the one I had last night. I was in Hollywood, attending the Oscar Award Ceremony. I interrupted and asked her, 'Why didn't you call me?' She replied, 'I did. Your answering machine said you were in Venice!.'

I had a plan to write a book on all my dreams and my friends' dreams as well and had wisely titled it - 'Interpretation of Dreams'. When I mentioned this to my friend Sneha Suresh, she told me that someone named Sigmund Freud had already dreamt all my dreams and stole my title as well!

Dear readers, Let your dreams be big and spill over into the day as well. But just remember: - Your dreams don't come true until you wake up and go to work.

My biggest dream these days is to get a good night's sleep


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