Forgive and Forget

Whatever you may say, we are really being very unfair to our young sons of India.

Who? I can almost see your arched eyebrows trying to reach out to your receding hair lines.

No, no, I don't mean the young 'uns struggling to survive in slums, railway platforms and footpaths. I mean the more unfortunate ones who are being tortured as they 'exist' in five star hotels, exclusive bars, trendy discos and cozy villas. I can see that you are still puzzled. Well let me clarify. I am talking about those select few who are being hounded, victimized and tortured only because they were born with a 'platinum' chammach in their mouths. Yes I am talking about the Manu Sharmas, the Rahul Mahajans, the Vikas Yadavs and the Salman Khans ' and many others like them who are paying a rather heavy price for being born to powerful politicians, influential bureaucrats, rich businessmen etc.
Take the case of Manu Sharma. The poor 'baa lamb' had gone to Tamarind Court and innocently asked for a drink. He was even willing to pay double the price. But did he get it? No. The lady on the counter refused him and then insulted him. So he did what any self-respecting mard would have done. He removed his pistol and blew her face up. Can you blame him for his reaction?

This was the manner in which any homo-sapien, who is not a homo, would have reacted.

And what are we doing to him? Instead of applauding his qualities of self-respect, dignity and 'machoness' we are calling him a murderer and unleashing a vulgar campaign against him.

Now consider the plight of pyaara Rahul. Unable to cope with the brutal murder of his father, he decided to lose himself in the world of drugs. Using a mere 500 rupee note, he tried to snort the blues away. Shouldn't we have felt pity for the suffering lad? But alas we didn't. In fact instead of commiserating with the youngster we labeled him a drug addict and made his life hell. What's the hue and cry about? He only did drugs didn't he, he didn't harm anyone else. He didn't run after his uncle Praveen screaming, 'Kutte kameene, mein tera khoon pee jaoonga.'

My heart felt sympathies also go to Vikas Yadav. Tell me which brother would allow a guy to date, flirt and dance with his sister in public and that too with such insouciance. Any bhai in his place would have done what Vikas did ' kidnap the culprit, chop him up and then burn him. Hadn't Bharti like all other sisters expressed her feelings on every Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj in these words : Bhaiyya mere rakhee ke bandhan ko nibhana' well Vikas did just that - fulfilled the duty of a dear and darling brother. But alas what did he get in return ' a murder charge, public ignominy and the sword of Damocles over his head.
My heart also bleeds for Salman Khan. No one realizes how much he done for wild life education. Earlier, no one had heard of Chinkaaras. But after Salman made a meal of them, the word Chinkaaras has become a part of our lexicon. Kids are writing essays on it and celebrities make Page-3 comments pledging their support to the Chinkaara.

Salman is also accused of driving over a few pavement dwellers in a state of ebriation. Okay, okay I am not defending his action but at least let us delve deeply into the mind, soul and heart of pocket Hercules to understand why he indulged in some 'care free' driving. What would you have done if your sweet heart had left you for a wimp called Vivek ' a one hit wonder, with one stock expression. What would you do if you spent the whole day pumping iron and most of the night wooing Bachhus and your brain got addled? Naturally you would go out for some fresh air. And if the process of your communion with nature some silly fellows who had no business sleeping on pavements when they should have been sleeping comfortably in their beds, get mauled is it your fault? And yet Salman is being hounded as if he has indulged in cannibalism and homicide.

Friends, in Mera Bharat Mahaan far more serious crimes are being committed everyday, hour and minute. Yet because they are not celebrity puttars, they go scot free.

Will our bechaara bachchas get badly messed up because their Daddy's are dadas? Should the poor kiddos continue to suffer only because they have been born to famous fathers? Or like in racing and golf we should give them a handicap. They should be allowed a few crimes before they are put on trial ' say a couple of hit and run acts, a rape or two and murder and a half'''''''
Come on guys let us be liberal ' after all this is the era where pardon and clemency are the new buzzwords and Gandhigiri is back with a topi


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