On Having an Athlete’s Attitude

The ultimate goal for anyone in life is happiness, self-fulfillment, or mental satisfaction. Few also want their life to be an interesting one. Here a question arises, ‘What it takes to lead a life with huge interest and enthusiasm?’ The answer would be probably achievements or rewards. This should be a real good answer. Nevertheless, achievements or rewards are outcomes of some inputs. What could be those inputs? Are these inputs quantifiable? Are they tangible?

The answer for all these is just ‘NO’. Number of Man-hours or time spent in your workplace doesn’t determine your success. Attitude is what matters.

“Life is a very interesting sport to play “– Roman Proverb

There isn’t any protocol for attitude. But there is a lot to learn from the attitude of an athlete. One could find all the positive qualities in an athlete’s pursuit towards achievement. Passion, perseverance, hard-work, resilience and very many qualities. On considering this whole life as a sport, you may gain extra confidence and even extra control on your life. On being an athlete every second, you make your life more interesting. You start looking for opportunities. You start learning from failures. You rise up like a phoenix from set-backs.

Watching sports and reading the biographies of successful sports personalities could bring a lot of inspiration and motivation. Martina Navratilova is one such sports personality who stands as an example for resilience and perseverance. Let’s bring all the vigor and energy within us, and let’s achieve our targets like an athlete.


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