The Third Eye

An article on ' Empathetic Approach '

Unleash the second- person within you
What is 'The Third Eye '?

In this script, we don't propose any sophisticated technique that is quite complicated to play. But a technique, that is as easy as having a sip of water. It's just, empathizing.

Make yourself seated in a chair in some room .Here starts the process. Think how the view would be, if someone were standing in some corner of the same room and watching you. Yes, this is the third eye within you. In short, to imagine the view of a second person towards you.

'For me, living and leveraging were one '
 ' Leo nardo da Vinci

The above school-of-thought is the one that anyone could seldom deny. Having been said by such a versatile personality, it's always leveraging, that keeps one going. If leveraging is the effect, then the question arises about the cause for that effect. If one wants leveraging throughout the life, just like the prodigious da Vinci, you have to carry a person along with you; invariably to every place you go and dwell to identify the areas where you need leverage. The areas could be anything. Hence, the cause for the effect of leveraging is feedback. The Third Eye technique makes you independent, by making you as the feedback person for yourself.

Case Study ' Case #1 Learning dance

Learning dance is a typical case, where the third eye technique works exactly. At times one could find hard to follow few dance steps, and he/she often feel embarrassed among the group. Here, the dancer is not aware of the second-person's view or the dance-instructor's view and unless the dancer realizes the part where he/she commits mistake, the dancer will not do it. In case, if there is no mirror in the practice-area, the dancer should watch herself with an empathizing view or with the third eye.

Case #2 ' Public speaking
Public speaking is yet another area where the third eye technique works at large. It is apparent that Public speaking embodies non-verbal communication as its integral part, so it's inevitable that, the body-gestures should be always up to measure. Here, the orator should look on himself with a listener's perspective during the discourse.

What is great in it?

This technique isn't like alchemy that converts anything to Gold. But this technique is like treating the coal and making a diamond. It's said that success is a sum of smart actions. So, instead waiting for some angel-like-person for making us to know about the area, where we need the leverage; let's be an angel for ourselves. Let the third eye be always opened, let it watch you and guide you. With this third-eye or a mentor with you, there is no way for blindfolded times. This is an all-time tool that reckons you in all ways. We wish you, all the best.  


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Comment I really see but I in both eyes You just can't pretend it exact Even when it catches up with you.

Johnny Reynolds
09-Jul-2020 20:52 PM

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