Searching for Silence

What is silence? For some, silence means going to a peaceful hill station and enjoying the blissful nature. For some, silence is sitting in cross-legged position, closing the eyes and doing meditation. For others, silence could be just sitting in a quiet room. Silence can be defined in several other perspectives.

But, are the above situations really silent? There is a big question mark ? Holiday at a hill station is free of pollution, noise and crowd. But has the chirpings of birds, rustle of the leaves, sound of air and the music of nature turned off!

While doing meditation, if slokas are chanted or music is played, then the noble silence breaks. But even if it doesn’t take place, the noise coming from the surroundings like the sound of a fan or of the clock is an interruption in silence.

In case of a quiet room, first of all no room can be absolutely quiet. There are immense disturbances like the television set, music playing somewhere, noise of vehicles and many others depending on the surroundings of the house.

But there is absolute silence in one thing and that is in death. When a person dies, the body is in a status of absolute silence because even if there is loud sound, the body looses the capacity to understand the noise. And, absolute silence kills, so whenever a person is searching for silence, tell them to search for peace. One must search for peaceful surroundings and not silence. Searching for silence means searching for death.


More by :  Prerna Prasad

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