Prerna Prasad


Prerna Prasad is the founder of With Ecoplore, you can go an experiential holiday that saves nature. She has also been vocal is raising her voice against the wrong environmental policies formed by the govt be it the decision to cut 50,000 trees in South Delhi for redevelopment projects by NBCC or CPWD or the shoot at sight order to kill Tigress Avni in Maharashtra's forest.

Prerna Prasad started her career as a journalist with CNN-IBN and then moved to Headlines Today.

She went on to write a book ‘Love@politics’, a non-fiction novel based on true love story of two activists. Post that she worked with a French photo journalist Johann Rousselot on a photo book on Delhi NCR. While working on the photo book she traveled extensively and became inclined towards tour and travel industry. Her other interest was Environment conservation and combining the two she came up with the concept of Ecoplore.

She has also worked for the Tamil feature film – ‘Vella Panni’.

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