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People's Queries for People in Power
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I am a 23-year-old educated youth in the phase of understanding the scheme of things. As we pass through this eventful year of 2011, there are hundred and one questions boggling my mind. If those in power are listening, please respond to these queries from a common man.

Questions for Political Leaders

When the nation is asking for a strong Lokpal Bill due for the past 40 years, why is the executive diverting attention by throwing cards of Muslim quota within OBC reservation and FDI in retail?

Is institution like Lokpal a platform for providing jobs that some of our leaders are demanding reservation in it?

Why are crucial Bills like Lokpal, Citizens' Charter not made accessible to common Indian through govt Websites while they are being tabled in Parliament? When govt can publish long ads explaining its version of Lokpal Bill during Anna's fast at Ramlila Maidan, why the Bill is not published when it's introduced in the House? The irony is that the media was provided the Lokpal Bill much before many parliamentarians and even some of the members of standing committee who drafted the Bill, got it?

By providing Muslim quota on the basis of religion, is our govt not attacking the secular nature of our Constitution?

Why all major policy decisions are announced by Pranab Mukherjee, P Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal and Salman Khurshid? What purpose does our Prime Minister serve?

Is UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi who is believed to be the de-facto Prime Minister incapable of speaking in Parliament?

How many times has she spoken in Parliament in the past seven years of being in power? 

Questions for Media

Why is a serious matter like Lokpal being reduced to the level of political entertainment? Were those who came out on streets waiting to hear Lalu's political entertainment in Lok Sabha?

Why are our opinion makers reducing the battle between people and the corrupt system to Anna vs Govt, then Anna vs Congress and now Anna vs Parliament?

Who has made Anna Hazare a godfather? Is covering Team Anna a choice or compulsion? 

Questions for Team Anna

Do the volunteers of India Against Corruption know the core committee members taking decisions on their behalf? Is there enough inner democracy within the ranks of the crusaders against corruption?

Is Team Anna vigilant on those misusing the platform for personal publicity? 

Questions for Voters

Are our voters ready to vote out the corrupt leaders? After all, an example of the same was not witnessed in the recent Maharashtra Municipal polls.

As a voter when I try to seek answers to these queries, I realise the biggest setback we have is, during elections despite over 30 candidates on the EVM, our options are so restricted that we are compelled to make a choice between a robber and a thief.

An answer which comes to my mind from the little understanding I have is, as parts of the world are passing through an era of transformation and so is India, Why can't all selfless individuals thinking in the interest of the people join hands to give our nation a new political democracy?

Jai Hind

Janta's voice will win this time.

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