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Extra-soft Arm of justice!?

These days, after many a public figure is seen coming clean with law thanks to the pronouncements of judgments in the courts, some motivated citizens seem to be unable to see themselves apart from the modern-day feudal lords and ladies, as free and independent subjects in their own right be they anywhere on the social ladder. These so-called sympathizers are a conditioned lot yet, thanks to our celebrated heritage of hero worship cult staying intact in our blood right from the pre-independence days when our struggle was against a foreign rule and the jailers and policemen used to be the aliens. Alas, this is so, despite a majority of us are born in free India.

Justice, as most of us see or want to see, might not be what is exactly translated into the judgments by courts as outcome of due judicial interpretation of prescriptive/ restrictive laws or delegated legislations laid down in regulations and rules, substantive or otherwise. So, one's conscience should govern the rule bound citizen, like ever. The courts are meant to protect such innocents in the eye of the law, from being convicted wrongly. In the due process of judicial administration, the above exercise involves an elaborate and complex feat, mastered only better by our senior counsels, under the noses of objective honorable justices who in good faith try the accused while giving a lot of room in whatsoever proper appeals and due representation and hearing or even bails and other concessions as a rule in favour of the accused, under trials or convicts eligible for appeals on 'equal/equitable' basis. Here, the pathetic part of the story is that our prosecuting lawyers who are after all, a part of the salaried polity from our own stock, not stretching their vocal cords or books that hard as desired, unlike those erstwhile alien prosecutors who might have done their best to convict the wrongdoers in the best interests of (or read vested) of their motherland. Whereas, ideally speaking, the present lot in the 'prosecution’ has to be more motivated to save our sovereign interests better. And ironically, many axioms like equity and equitableness are now needed to be mentioned unfortunately enough within quotes, for the justice dispensation ought to be transparent and neutral in the interests of fair play and dispensing maximum good for the largest number of people.

In the above unique and unavoidably just democratic scenarios, we may have to witness from time to time those who look like (maybe even to a child) cold blooded murderers and swindlers with blood on their hands or laughing all the way to the bank as the case may be, escaping the revenue officials and hangman's noose.

Yet, long live equity and law of the land!


More by :  Seshu Chamarty

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