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My dear friend, Within very few days we have become good friends to each other as I think though my purpose was to find a suitable life partner from a matrimonial site. I am very happy to share my sorrow and joy with you. For some days I have been so much worried about taking a right decision over the 4th... .

For the last three nights I have hardly closed my eye lids. Instead of sleeping I engaged myself in my writing so that I might feel relaxed to take a right decision. After thinking with very cool brain I have taken the decision at 4:30am on 04/06/2015 that I should go with the second option that means to spend my life with my daughter. I don't know whether I have taken a right decision or not but I am sure time will evaluate my decision. For my daughter if required I will spend my whole life without any partner. There are so many reasons behind the decision taken at the very last moment. Your criteria did not match because of the issue. I could have chosen the first option very easily but I would not be able to make you happy. Besides I would not be pleased as I would never get you as my life partner. Love can't be defined; love can't be explained as it follows no logic.

Love can never be conditional and a true relationship can't survive on any kind of condition. Now I am about 35 years old. If I might choose an unmarried girl of 25 I would face the same problem - the maturity problem due to age gap. If I choose a girl of 30 years , she must be a divorcee or a widow and of course she must apply the same condition as you have... . I was looking for somebody who should be very caring, loving, compromising, educated and of course good looking. After all she should be my best friend through out my life. But it's not possible for me to find out as now I have been categorized as a divorcee person with a child. I can't choose a very ordinary girl as my life partner. So what can I do? I can do only to live within my two worlds known to you.

I am a very honest, determined, ambitious and laborious person as I mentioned earlier so many times. I shall try to be fit both physically and mentally. Now I promise you I must try my best to qualify the NET for being the professor or lecturer at college if my mind and body permit me. I have spent hour after hour in chatting with you so casually for few days but the every precious moment of our friendship will be alive in my writing. I am fully different from others. Within short period I have earned money, name and fame so much. I started my life as a labourer after reaching 18.

What I have achieved today is more than enough for a labourer. Perhaps you may feel so boring at the time of reading this letter. If I don't open my heart today I must never get any opportunity to express myself to you. I don't know whether you will change your decision or not. Still I will wait for you for a year . If I got you as my life partner I would love you with my life through out my journey and I would never leave you alone on the way of my journey in any circumstances. Dear friend! If I get any scope to meet you in future we must share ourselves with each other as good friends. My life is like an English movie full of suspense and suspense. The more you will hear me the more you will feel surprised. You have already been one of my best friends. I hope whatever circumstances may be, you will be shining in the sky of my heart like a glittering star till my last breath. With my cordial love and best regards. 


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