A Love Story of a Poor Boy

From "On the Journey of Life"

Since his childhood Anirban had been a meritorious student. He passed H.S. with 82% marks. He ranked in the Joint Examination but poverty did not permit him to get admitted. So his dream of being a doctor became unfulfilled. His father was a rickshaw puller and his mother used to work at others' houses. So somehow they were able to maintain their family.

Once Anirban decided to work as a home guard leaving his studies but his English tutor Amar babu advised him to get admitted to BA with Honours in a college twenty five kms away from his house. When he was in the 1st year he could not attend classes regularly. In spite of that he scored the highest marks in the class. So in the second year he became so popular to his teachers as well as to his classmates within very few days. He was so much fond of reading poetry especially the romantic poems of Shelley, Keats, Byron and Shakespeare. When he would read them he could reach another world full beauty and happiness.

Every year the students would celebrate the birthday anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore gorgeously at their college.

Shreya performed Rabindra nritya (dance) so well in the function and it fascinated Anirban so much. He did not find her beauty and magical dancing earlier. So for few days he had started to soar with her in the sky of beauty, love and happiness. Anirban felt that he had fallen in love with Shreya.

One day while they were returning together from college he gave a letter to her. When Shreya returned home she could know the fact that Anirban loved her. Within very few days she could be able to know about his whereabouts. After a week Anirban met Shreya in the college hall room secretly. Anirban Said to her, "Shreya! I love you badly. I can't live without you." Hearing those words from his mouth Shreya reacted by saying, "Being a beggar, don't dare to love me. Never dream of getting me. Without money love never succeeds." Hearing the words he felt insulted and demoralized. His dream world got broken into pieces.

After the incident Anirban never went to college. His friends could know that he had been bedridden being insulted badly. After a week his parents admitted him to a hospital. Examining Anirban the doctor said to them, "It is too late to get him admitted there. He is almost dying." The fact of his illness broke out like cholera. The next day in the stormy afternoon his friends rushed to hospital to meet Anirban. After getting the news Shreya felt so sad. At last she decided to go to hospital. Like a violent storm she entered the chamber and said, " My dearest Anirban, my sweetheart! Please open your eyes lids. I have come. I love you so much." Hearing those words from her mouth everyone got surprised. Then with a great effort Anirban said to her, "May you be happy my dear Shreya! I have no time in my hands. I have to go." Shreya saw him gazing at her with a smiling face. When she felt that he left the world forever she began to cry bitterly and tears rolled down from her eyes like the showers of rain.

What a peculiar human psychology! Anirban died of loving Shreya and Shreya loved Anirban as he died. 


More by :  Dipankar Sadhukhan

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