Ayurvedic Review of Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Guru shishya parampara has been vanished. Ayurveda teaching has become institutionalized. Vaidya do not prepare drug by himself. Medicines are prepared in commercial houses. Hence to ensure regarding to its composition, efficacy, safety, Quality control and Quality assurance are two important aspects.

Quality control:
Drug or formulation is prepared by adopting classical, GMP, GLP validated processing and complies with established.

Quality Assurance:
Drug intended for the therapeutic use will perform correctly as claimed or expected.

For Quality control and Quality Assurance from Ayurveda view following points should be considered.

The therapeutic efficacy of any drug depends strongly on the methods followed for its collection and storage. Aim will be to obtain drug in its peak potency level.

  1. Dravya sangraha kala: Sharad rutu (Oct & Nov.) is the best time for collection of herbs for all preparation and for Vaman and virechan vasant rutu (Feb&March) and also Acharyas has mentioned specific rutu for specific plant part collection eg. For Mula to be collected in Shishir and Grishma rutu etc.

  2. Dravya sangraha sthala: According to Sharangdhar Ushna Virya dravya are to be collected from vindhya hills & Shita Virya from Himalaya mountain.

  3. Dravya Avastha: Generally, all the drugs should be collected in fresh stage except Vidhang, Pippali, Guda, Madhu. However, Sushrut has mentioned that whether drug is new or Purana, it doesn’t matter but Rasa, Gandha & other inherent properties of drug should be unspoilt.

  4. Dravya sangrahan vidhi: The drug collection should be done with all methodical & religious rituals. In early morning after bath with calm mind person should pray lord shiva, facing morning sun, drugs should be collected.

  5. Dravya samraksana: Any drugs materials which is collected should be stored in suitable condition so as to retain the inherent drugs properties until the drug goes into preparation.

Shodhan of drugs

In Ayurveda shodhan of drugs was practice from Acharya charak times. The herbal, mineral and poisonous drug need a proper shodhan process for appropriate therapeutic use.

In Ayurveda text siddhi lakshana of drug are mentioned viz, Avaleha, Snehpaka, Sandhan kalpana, Bhasma etc. The formulation must possess the mentioned siddhi lakshana.

Eg Kajjli should be Nishchandravtya, Varitar, Rekhapurnatvya etc

Nowday due to demand of Ayurvedic drug, less availability of raw drug many misbranded drug, spurious drug is used. Adulteration has become serious issue. Drugs are not collected according to mentioned rutu or which parts of drug must be used are not taken into consideration and also proper shodhan are not practice. Hence for global acceptance of our product and also to meet their Quality control and Quality Assurance parameter the above aspect should be consider will making any formulation.


More by :  Dr. Nitin Buwa

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