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Like a river with high current life runs upon its own track. Sometimes it is to face hard rocks on its way and then it creates its way to proceed. Disaster like storm, flood, drought - nothing can stop its course and ultimately it reaches its destination as river falls on lake or bay or sea or ocean. Nobody can predict how it will run and where it will fall.

In the case of Mini and Sayan there was no exception. Sayan had been brilliant student since his boyhood though he came of a middle class family. He was the student of final year of B. A. He gained popularity in his college not only for being a very good student but also for his talent particularly in composing poetry. Besides he won so many awards in inter- college debate competition. Sayan was number one almost in every field. So his parents, his teachers and his friends were truly proud of him. The girls of Nayagram College were also attracted to him. Sayan knew well that he had just nine months in his hands to appear at the final examination. So he had to study well to establish his career. He decided, he would concentrate only on his lesson up to final exam.

It was very common for the girls at college to discuss regarding Sayan especially during tiffin period. So many girls offered Sayan but he did not respond to them. Mini was the most beautiful student of Nayagram College. Besides she was a good student in B.A. final year. Most of the boys in her class were fascinated by her beauty but she cherished her love in her heart only for Sayan almost secretly. Her parents were always anxious for her as she was so much disturbed by the boys. Paltu was very close friend of Mini. He was also a friend of Sayan. So Paltu was the common friend of Mini and Sayan. Mini informed paltu of her love for Sayan.

One day Sayan and Paltu were discussing over the coming Test Exam. Suddenly Paltu said to Sayan, "Sayan! You are very lucky! All the girls of our college want you as their boy friend. Even Mini is almost mad for you, Sayan! She has fallen in love with you badly. She wants to meet you." On hearing this Sayan felt as if the whole sky broke on his head. This world seemed to him a peculiar place filled with fact and fiction and he felt as if he drank hemlock.

Few days passed.

The words from Paltu whirled in his brain again and again and he could not believe his ears. In the afternoon of Valentine Day Sayan was alone by the Ichamati and observing how smoothly the river flowed. He heard a mysterious sound from the waves of the river. Just then like a wingless fairy Mini came to Sayan. She looked very beautiful. Her charming eyes and smiling face enchanted him. Her rosy lips were glistening. He became spellbound. Mini said to Sayan, "Sayan! Please, listen to me. I am in love with you. I can't live without you. Please believe me, I have cherished my love only for you in my heart since I saw you for the first time." On hearing this Sayan got confused. He hesitated for a while and then he said to her, "How can it be possible, Mini? I am an unemployed boy. I can't believe my ears. You know well- just few months are left for the final exam." Mini said, "Please take this rose. My life is now in your hand." Then twilight appeared and they parted from each other.

Both of them spent sleepless night.

Sayan had not gone to college for a week. Mini asked Paltu and others about his absence. One by one most of their friends could know about this matter.

One evening Mini went to Sayan's house. Sayan got surprised. Mini said, "Dear Sayan! Why don't you go to college? Don't worry. I will not disturb you. Please go to college; don't leave your study. I will wait for you forever." Sayan took few days to take a decision over the matter. Then he met her and opened his mind. Gradually their love story was made very interesting. Almost the whole college could know about their love affair. Mini's father Monotosh Babu already decided to marry off her soon. For her he selected a groom who was an income tax officer. He didn't take Mini's consent regarding her marriage.

Mini and Sayan used to spend almost every afternoon joyfully in parks. When she could know about her marriage from her parents she got surprised and felt very sad. One day in the afternoon Mini met Sayan. Paltu was with them. Mini said, " Sayan! They will kill me. Please save me. Let's escape." Then tears were rolling down from the eyes of Mini. Sayan took out handkerchief from his pocket to wipe her tears. Paltu remained silent like a man watching a romantic movie. Sayan said to Mini, "You are my true love, you will stay within my heart forever. Please agree with your parents to make them happy." He also added, "How can I marry you now? Please try to understand my words. I needed three years to make you my life partner." Then Mini said, "Ok, I will marry the man selected by my parents but you have to be present at my marriage ceremony. If you don't come I will commit suicide". Sayan heard this and stood like a light post for a while and then said, "I must attend your marriage party." Only seven days were left. Their friends felt so sad. The parents of Sayan could know about the matter from others. Mini's parents no longer allowed her to go out of their house. So she spent a very sorrowful life like a convict. Sayan almost left sleeping, studying and even taking meals. Paltu and Arnab were very close friends of Sayan. They said to Sayan, "Don't leave hope. Be ready. Nobody can avoid destiny."

The day came to attend Mini's marriage ceremony. Mini invited almost all her classmates. Monotosh Babu had hired a lodge for her marriage purpose for three days. He being a Judge of Nayagram George Court, was familiar to everybody. Sayan went to college. His friends were always with him. Sayan decided, he with Paltu, Arnab, Manish and few of his friends would attend the ceremony. In the evening they were at Sayan's house. His mother, Sabita Devi requested them to look after her Sayan. Paltu said, " Don't worry Aunti! Be ready. Miracle may happen anytime." Monotosh Babu invited almost one thousand people. From Kolkata the bride groom started for Nayagram in the evening. Sayan with his friend reached the lodge at 7:00 pm. One by one the invited persons attended the ceremony. At 8:30 pm the bride groom Subinoy Sen with about eighty persons arrived at the place which was gorgeously decorated but the light could not relieved the darkness of the mind of those two lovers.

The marriage would start very soon. Just then a girl of 26 years rushed there like storm. She called Subinoy, " Don't cheat me." Subinoy said to her, "Who are you? I don't know you." She said, "I am your Mala, can't you know me?" Then the girl said to Monotosh Babu, "Please, don't marry off your daughter with this cheater. We are engaged. Subinoy promised me to marry me in the next month. We have known each other for eight years". Monotosh Babu understood the matter very easily and said, "I will not marry off my Mini with this cheater". This news spread everywhere like cholera. A shadow of lamentation fell almost on the whole ceremony but Mini saw the light of hope. Having two Alprazolam pills (medicine for those who lack sleep) Sayan was then between reality and dream. It seemed to him that he with her Mini was in the ship of beauty, love and romance. Mini called loudly 'Sayan, S-a-y-a-n' and embraced him. Their friends began to dance in joy and Paltu said, "Finally miracle happened". Monotosh Babu sent this news to Sayan's parents. When they came, Mini married Sayan. Monotosh Babu along with them blessed the newly married couple. Sabita Devi, said, "True love never dies".


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