True Friends

From "On the Journey of Life"

Bapan and Akash were two close friends to each other. Both of them read in class five in Surajganj High school. Bapan was the first boy in the class though he was the son of a porter. His mother used to works at others' houses. So they could maintain their family with great difficulty. On the other hand Akash's father Nirmalbabu was the Pradhan of gram panchayat. He did not want his son to make friendship with Bapan.

One day Nirmalbabu called Bapan and said to him, "You are a son of a porter. Don't try to make friendship with Akash. Leave school and go away from my son's life." Hearing the words Bapan gave no response and felt unhappy. He returned home and said to his parents, "I will never go to school. I will work with you."

For a month nobody found Bapan at school. Being vey upset he began to assist his father's job. Akash felt very sad for Bapan's absence. He always helped Akash in his studies. Now in the class room he felt lonely. He left playing as well. He tried to find out his friend but he failed to do. His Mathematics teacher Arunbabu complained to his father against Akash that he did not concentrate to his lesson.

Few days passed.

On his tenth birthday Akash went to meet Bapan to their house. Bapan was at home at that time. Akash invited him to his birthday party. He also asked him why he had been not going to school for a long time. Bapan remained silent. Akash requested him again and again to attend his birthday party. Nirmalbabu planned that he would celebrate his son tenth birthday anniversary gorgeously. So he invited more than two hundred people including Akash's teachers. Finally the day came. Akash was eagerly waiting for Bapan. When it was 4 pm Bapan came. On seeing him the more Akash felt happy the more his father became angry. Nirmalbabu insulted Bapan badly. Akash began to cry. Then somehow they celebrated the birthday anniversary. When Bapan departed both of them felt so sad and tears rolled down from their eyes.

One week passed. Akash was going to school by cycle. Suddenly he collided with a moving car and got seriously injured but the car did not stop. At that time Bapan was returning home. Seeing his friend injured seriously he brought him to a local hospital and admitted him. The news of the accidents soon spread like fire. Nirmalbabu went to hospital and could know the fact from the doctor how Bapan saved Akash's life by admitting him without wasting time. After few days he was recovered and released from hospital. Nirmalbabu understood that he had made a great mistake by forcing Bapan to leave school. He repented for his misdeeds. Then he embraced Bapan and said to him, "You have saved my son's life. You are truly God to me". He took the responsibility for his studies. Again Bapan began to go to school regularly with Akash. Then both of them started studying and playing happily. They appeared at the final examination and passed with good marks. They and their parents become very happy. Akash said, "True friendship never dies."


More by :  Dipankar Sadhukhan

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