From 'On the Journey of Life'

Since childhood Manas and Sujata had grown up together. They also continued their studies together upto graduation. None of them could understand when and how they fell in love with each other. They would communicate with each other regularly at college. But they could hardly get the opportunity to meet each other after completing their college education. So after leaving the college they had to depend on mobile phone to open their minds to each other very secretly. Yet everyone of their village could know about their love affair. Sujata's father decided to marry her off soon to an established groom.

After getting the news Manas was worried about their relationship. He tried heart and soul to get rid of the agony of unemployment. He knew so well that only to manage a good job could save him from being a failure lover and make them happy.

In the mean time Sujata's parents were trying to look for a suitable bridegroom for their daughter. At last they found a groom and finalized their daughter's marriage to the groom who served as an engineer in the Electrical Department of the Eastern Railway. Manas got the news on cell very soon. He had only one month in his hands to make Sujata his wife but it turned impossible for him to manage a job within a month. So both Manas and Sujata were worried about their love so much. They never faced such a great problem before this.

Before seven days of the marriage they took a decision to lead their lives together. If not possible they would commit suicide together. Finally circumstances obliged them to opt the later. Just before three days of the marriage date they met at Tollygunj Metro Rail Way Station and decided to commit suicide. When the train arrived at the platform Manas jumped over the rail but Sujata did not. The passengers rushed there with shouting but Sujata was busy in chatting on WhatsApp with her would be husband.


More by :  Dipankar Sadhukhan

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