From 'On the Journey of Life'

Rahul would live in a flat at Tollygunj with his daughter of three years since his wife died. In spite of spending the whole day by working at office he would feel lonely after he had lost his wife. Suddenly he was introduced with a girl named Moumita. Moumita, the only daughter of her parents, was a gentle, decent and good looking school teacher. At the age of mobile and Internet their one year relationship turned to ten years. Rahul could understand that he had fallen in love with Moumita. She was also sympathetic to him. Rahul perceived that his daughter would be the only thorn to the way to his marriage with Moumita. Besides it turned almost impossible for him to bring up his daughter. So he decided to keep her to his parent in laws.

One day Rahul said to Moumita, "Would you be my life partner?" On hearing the words she got surprised as it was quite impossible for her to marry a widower with a child. She doubted that his child might cause a great problem in their marital life. As a result she informed Rahul that she was reluctant. Besides her parents would never give the consent to marry off her to a widower. Rahul promised Moumita, "My daughter will not create any problem. My words are more important than my life. If I marry second time I will marry you or I will never marry in my life." Rahul had already dreamt With Moumita. He would think of her every time.

One day Rahul was crossing road thinking of Moumita. Suddenly a truck collied with him and he got injured seriously. Then he was taken to a hospital in Kolkata and admitted there. After getting the news like a violent storm Moumita rushed to hospital to see him. Seeing her Rahul could not hold tears from his eyes. Moumita became startled and spellbound. Then Rahul said to her, "You are my best friend. I want to see you smiling for the last time." Hearing the words Moumita tried to smile with great difficulty. Then Rahul stared at her face but his soul departed the world.


More by :  Dipankar Sadhukhan

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