A Lover's Letter

From 'On the Journey of Life'

My dear Raani,

At the time of getting this letter, you may be surprised. You may think of what the letter has contained. You may be interested in reading the subject matter of the letter. But I have written to you what the truth is. As soon as possible, you must want to know about the subject matter of the letter.

I have known you just for a year. Since the beginning day I have liked you very much. But I thought that it was just an attraction to you. With the passing of time this attraction has become deeper. Please, believe me that I have never wanted to write to you but now I am helpless. I have been compelled to write to you. My personal life is full of sorrow. You must know what kind of role a mother takes for her son and daughter. I love my mother very much. Now I miss her so much. The matter about my mother is still a mystery to you as well as to my other students. I have been struggling in my life since I passed Madhyamik Examination. Till now I have taught at least 150 students. I never thought of that I should be involved to the affair with a student though I tried to control myself.

One day I saw a dream that you were going somewhere. Some boys were teasing you and making foul comments on you. I could not put up with such types of behaviour. I protested to save you from them though I was attacked by them. Since that time I was impressed by you. The more I saw you, the more I found you beautiful. You are that girl whom I want as my life partner. I have been impressed by your manners, attitude, gesture, life style and inner and outer beauty. I love 'truth' very much. That I have fallen in love with you is true. I know that, as a teacher, I should not behave like this but believe me, "I have nothing to do."

You may think of that I am a traitor, not a a true teacher after knowing the matter. My firm believe is that you will try to understand 'the problem'.

I know that, reading the letter, you may be confused. You may think that I am senior to you by ten years. You may think of my family background, status, etc. I don't believe in such things like caste, family background, etc. I want to live as a human being. I love to live. I live to love. I don't want to live as a failure lover.

Before writing this letter, I have thought about the matter at least hundred times. I can't deny that I love you. I have a great weakness for you. I tried to overcome it but I failed. 'Love' is something which is the union of mind and soul. Love is invisible but it is a powerful feeling. In you I have found such qualities that I like very much. In my routine bound life, I have never got leisure or rest. But I feel relaxed when I think of you. I always keep you in my mind. In my college even when class goes on, I think of you. I can see you with the help of imagination. In my life I had to take so many decisions with the help of toss because I have none to guide me. Now I am hopeful of getting a job within two years. Though I am not an aged man, I am so much experienced in many cases. My only companion is suffering. Nobody likes to hear sorrowful event which is the great part of my life. But I am sure of that at least you will try to make out 'the problem'.

On one hand I am a tutor and on the other hand I am a proposer. Please, don't mix together. I love you very much with my heart but I don't know whether you will like me or not as your lover. I am on the journey through a dark lane and only you can give the light to disappear the darkness. I am alone on my journey. Only you can relieve my loneliness. My future and my career will depend upon your answer. My prestige is now in your hand. I know that, for a girl like you, to take the decision is difficult. Please don't feel any pressure. I want to keep the matter secret between you and me. Please, don't leave me. If you don't come to me, after getting this letter, I shall get a mental shock which must not be recovered. I love you very much. I can't think of my life without you. Don't misunderstand me. Please, inform me whatever decision you take. I am waiting and waiting for your reply... Best of luck.

Your Pradip.


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