The Grateful Tom

From 'On the Journey of Life'

Raju was an honest and kind hearted boy. One day Raju was returning home from school on foot. Suddenly he saw few boys throwing brickbats at a puppy. The poor puppy was crying bitterly as he was severely injured. Seeing the incident Raju's heart was filled sadness. Then he protested and told them that he would inform the matter to their parents. On hearing it the naughty boys escaped. Taking his handkerchief out of his pocket Raju tied the injured leg of the puppy to stop bleeding. Then he took him into his arms.

On returning home Raju requested his parents to allow him to pet the puppy and they did it gladly. With great care and nursing the puppy was cured within few days. He named the dog Tom. They became inseparable souls to each other.

When Raju would go to school he would bid good bye to Tom. After returning from school he called Tom. Seeing his little master Tom became very happy and wagged his tail.

Few months passed. Then Tom was no longer baby dog. He grew up with the care of Raju and his family. One rainy morning when he started for school, he bade good bye to his little Tom and Tom greeted Raju by wagging his tail.

The school ended after second period due to heavy rain. Raju was coming back home. When Raju was near the front gate of their house, he was calling his little friend Tom. Tom was lying. Hearing his master's call Tom became very happy and wagged his tail. But suddenly Tom saw a cobra just five yards away from Raju and it attempted to bite him.

To save his master Tom rushed to the snake and they fought a terrible fight. At last the snake was killed by Tom. After some time Tom started groaning bitterly with agony. It was bleeding from his head. Then Tom died of the poison of the cobra. Raju called his little friend by his name, Tom. But Tom did not respond to his call. For his little Tom tears rolled down from his eyes like the showers of rain.


More by :  Dipankar Sadhukhan

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