A Wish

A constable took out of his pocket a piece of paper soaked with sweat. It had several folds. He carefully opened the sheet and found a note written in simple English. He beckoned his boss and passed it to him who hastened to read the content,

"I am Apurba Malik, close to my thirty. I am elder of the two siblings, my father is a labourer and aged. He invested all his savings for my education. I belong to schedule caste category and have enough academic qualification to get a decent government job. But even after qualifying NET, I realize that getting a job is harder than meeting Almighty. Even part time job is very hard to come by. My brother, a school drop- out, works under a local contractor and earns something, in comparison I earn duck and earn the wrath and insult of my parents, I wished to be engaged somewhere. I resolved to flee from home and stay at a nearby town but no money to bear the monthly expenses. God has been very cruel to me or I have been very unlucky. Day by day I was getting depressed as I got to fathom that qualification is not the only criterion to get a job.

My friends, some relatives, neighbours laughed at my helpless condition. I needed to go far off places to appear for competitive exams and shamelessly each time, I asked pocket money from my mother who turned me a cold face.Now I realize myself a burden to my family.I am unable to earn money, I am useless. My father is a simple man, he wants return of his investment. So I decided to take rest from this suffocating life.I have a wish that I want to be fulfilled after my last breath. Burn all my mark sheets and certificates to ashes. These papers are useless like I am."

The inspector takes off his hat as a mark of respect.Within an hour, the leaders make a beeline to identify his political affiliation. A plank is taken for final journey.


More by :  Moloy Bhattacharya

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