Mammoth Mandate for Mamata

"Mamata : The National Headline" flashed on the top of the screen of The Times Now like many other electronic media as breaking news, moments after the declaration of Assembly Election, 2016 result in West Bengal, speaking volumes of a thumping victory of Trinamool Congress for another five years to rule the state. But the scenario before the election was not at all smooth sailing for the ruling party.

For the last few months Trinamool Congress has been beleaguered with accusations of corruptions and scams like Sarada, Narada and accidents like flyover collapse, the much talked about Left-Congress alliance (that is indeed an accident), fuelled and popularised by the media. During the approaching days of election (that everytime turns into a festival), the common people in trains, buses and public places were found talking critically against this government. So if their freedom of speech and expression as guaranteed in article 19(1) of Indian Constitution is taken as a yard-stick of truth and reality, then it makes no sense of denying that the landsliding mandate is also an embodiment of truth and reality.

As for the alliance, many expressed strong apprehension at the nascent stage of its inception that the seat agreement of the two political parties of different ideology is merely a face saving mechanism. They never played a test match rather preferred a T20 format. The common people (the voters in Election Commission's parlance), as the result shows, have abhorrently rejected the alliance who has been subjected to a frustrating failure. But quite interestingly, just before the result came out, nobody (the astrologer, the biggest supporter of TMC, and perhaps the CM herself) could afford to believe the miraculous sweep that has turned into reality. The general notion was that it would be neck-to-neck fight and a touch-and-go situation for the ruling party. But the towering mandate crediting TMC the full monty (211 seats out of 294) proved every prediction utterly embarrassing and pierced the last nail in the coffin of the Left (a negligible 32 seats), though the performance of the congress (44 seats) was highly inspiring, like Congress, the BJP could also take heart of their slow yet noticeable growth.

The Left must now learn the most important political lesson that in changing Indian politics, the didactic and ideological preaching about Marxism and Leninism has miserably failed to penetrate into the grass-root level and garner the huge support they once managed to cash in. On the other hand, emotional attachment of a motherly Mamata Banerjee as a next door neighbour of the masses and a sense of proximity and accessibility make her invincible political leader of all times. With this unprecedented single largest majority, Mamata Banerjee has redefined the nature and dimension of traditional Indian politics, showing the Left their road to Damascus. Now we should have the guts and honesty to face the reality, accept it and mingle with it, forgetting our individual affiliation for building a resurgent Bengal. After all, Bengal is ours. Finally, congratulations to the ruling party Trinamool Congress led by our loving 'didi' for an emphatic victory and good wishes for another five-year-term during which we expect good governance, free from corruption, strict law and order situation, more employment and industrilisation as some major challenges and an enviable all round development for Bengal.

(NOTE: Dear readers, if after reading this article you dub me a stooge, then you can't eschew eternal damnation.)


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Comment Moloy, your sense of humour is admirably tinged with a sense of responsibility too.

Anuradha Bhattacharyya
22-May-2016 05:36 AM

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