How do We Feed Intelligence into a Machine?

Humans can perform intelligent tasks as a consequence of their five sensory capabilities – the ability to see, hear, smell, touch and taste and the brain endowed with the capability to process such sensory data. With better image and video capturing devices coupled with good image/video processing and understanding algorithm, equipping a computer to interpret outside world imagery and situation/events have been achieved with some degree of success. Similarly, audio and speech understanding have improved interpretive methods and algorithms & research have enabled computers to make sense of aural signals. Some work on ‘smell sensors’ have been done with concepts like ‘artificial noses’.

Touch sensors are used in Robotics to enable the robot to react meaningfully to certain external tactile inputs. Taste recognition as well is being attempted upon, and just think of the possibilities it can create. Just program your robot to keep sampling/tasting your food while it is being cooked, and take corrective measures when taste deviates from the value kept in the database. The perfect meal is now ready on your table. Do I hear the much sought after chefs of top hotel chains are looking around for an alternative profession? ...


More by :  Subhajit Ghosh

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